COVID-19 Message from Hasan

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Corona Safe and Socially Distanced Tours in Turkey

NEW! I am happy to announce that I just finished creating my Covid-19 safe tour itinerary suggestions for my guests coming to Turkey. I started hosting guests last week and had no problem touring around turkey during the time of the pandemic. Contact me or visit Hire Corona Safe Tour Guide in Turkey page to learn more.

COVID-19 Message from Hasan

COVID-19 Message from Hasan
COVID-19 Message from Hasan

I want to say a big “Thank You” to all friends and guests that I served during their holidays for calling and checking how we are doing. I became immeasurably happy after your calls and messages from North America, several European countries, Australia, and many Asian countries. I believe I made some good fellas all around the world.

Me, my wife Valeriya, and our daughter Safiye are doing just fine. We are healthy and try to keep our social distance from outsiders. Turkey started to suffer from COVID-19 fairly late compared to other countries. We had a head start to be better prepared. So far there are less than a thousand deaths and numbers are slowing down every day.

Turkey has a universal free healthcare system which helps to keep the numbers lower. There is a curfew on the weekends and travel restrictions in metropolitan cities. Also, another every day and all Turkey covering curfew for the citizens below 20 years and above 65 years of age. This helped to slow down the spread of the virus.

Explore Turkey with licensed Turkish tour guide Hasan Gulday

COVID-19 Update on Turkey and Turkish Tourism

Unfortunately, all the tourist attractions are closed until the beginning of May. It is not possible to have any tours in Turkey till the restrictions are halted. Airports are closed for international flights so it is really hard to reach Turkey.

There are some developments which make me proud too. Turkey prepared a huge stock of medicine and medical supplies so far. Actually more than what we need. Turkey is sending planes full of relief supplies to many countries. So far more than thirty countries such as China, Spain, Italy, and Balkan countries, the UK, Israel, Palestine, and the USA received help from Turkey. Seeing help send to countries without thinking about cultural and religious conflicts make me proud to be a Turk one more time.

Also, Turkey developed advanced techniques in the treatment of COVID-19. Our recover rate is exponential thanks to antibody treatments and drug cocktails given to the infected people. Two research teams are working on vaccination and I hope Turkey will be the lucky one to create the first working vaccine against COVID-19.

I hope these hard days will be over soon, and we will be exploring Turkey one more time. My county has so much to offer and I believe when the outbreak is over millions of people will be visiting Turkey again. I will be waiting for you. You can contact me if you have any doubts and questions about the situation in Turkey ❤️🇹🇷.

If you want to change your reservation or if you need counseling before you come to Turkey, feel free to contact me. Hope to see you soon, Hasan Gülday.

Socially Distanced Birthday of My Daughter Safiye

We celebrated my daughter Safiye’s birthday. We tried to keep social distance with our friends and tried to make Safiye to feel as normal as possible. Life goes on no matter what is the situation 😄.

Birthday of Safiye

News and Updates on COVID-19 in Turkey


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