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What is the HES Travel Code?

HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) Code is a numeric or QR code image that allows you to securely share whether you carry any risk in terms of Covid-19 disease while traveling and visiting public attractions around Turkey. The HES code can be queried through the IOS / Android application or through the SMS services provided by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

This code only serves the purpose of reducing the risk of transmission during the time spent in places such as public transportation vehicles and public areas. Travelers with Covid-19 or contacted the virus will not be able to use public transportation or visit public attractions. HES code is also useful when someone you are traveling with turns out to be positive.

How to get the HES Travel Code for tourists?
How to get the HES Travel Code for tourists?

How to get the HES Travel Code for tourists?

Getting HES Travel Code via SMS

Open your phone’s SMS application. Type HES and leave a space then go on by typing in your nationality (for example USA), your passport number, your date of birth (for example 1980), your surname, and finally the number of days of your stay in Turkey. Then send SMS to 2023.

Getting HES Travel Code via application

The “Hayat Eve Sığar” application is downloaded free of charge to mobile phones from the Play Store and App Store.

Getting HES Travel Code via website

HES code can be obtained by filling in the required information from the links below;

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Transport

Matching HES Travel Code with your ISTANBULCARD

Istanbulcard is used for transport in Istanbul metropolitan area. It is compulsory to have your transport card (Istanbulcard) with your HES travel code for using any type of public transport in Istanbul. In order to add a HES code to your Istanbulcard, you must first open the website named Istanbulcard Personalization. Then, the matching process is completed by filling in the necessary information to match your Istanbulkart with your HES code.

Learn more about travel regulations in Turkey today

Tourism is getting back and more people start to travel around Turkey every day. Contact me to learn more about HES Travel Code (Life fits home) and other regulations that you need to follow. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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