Saint Paul Trail in Turkey

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THE ST PAUL TRAIL By Kate Clow and Chris Gardner
THE ST PAUL TRAIL By Kate Clow and Chris Gardner

In our country, especially long-distance trekking routes and trails have attracted a lot of attention lately. The long journey of Saint Paul, one of the most important names in the Christian world, to spread Christianity in Anatolia, took place on this route.

The world-famous Lycian Way has stages that make it almost impossible to walk due to crowds in certain seasons. Although Apostle Paul’s Trail does not seem as popular as the Lycian Way, it is one of the walking routes known by professional or amateur nature athletes and travel lovers, and where local and foreign adventure lovers go around.

Saint Paul Trail, where St. Paul, one of the saints who spent his life on the road to spread Christianity, carried out a certain part of his journey on this route. Trails of Apostle Paul follows the wonderful paths stretching in the extraordinary attractiveness of the Taurus Mountain Range between Antalya and Isparta.

Apostle Paul’s Trail is a marked trekking route that spans 500 km and takes up to 27 days to walk! Passing through Roman roads, narrow footpaths, and forest roads. Saint Paul Road has another branch starting from Beşkonak at the entrance of Köprülü Canyon National Park, 80 km northeast of Antalya, and the first route joins with this secondary trail at the Ancient City of Adada. St. Paul’s Road has areas suitable not only for hiking but also for mountain biking. St. Paul’s Way, which starts from sea level and climbs up to 2200 meters, is a wilder route compared to the Lycian Way.

You can complete this rigorous nature hike, in which you need to plan your program over at least 15 days in order to walk in full, or you can complete the shorter stages by spreading them over several weeks in the form of weekend walks.

The St.Paul road is a walking route decorated with extraordinary natural beauties, which stretches from the blue of the Mediterranean to Anatolia by following the Taurus Mountains and contains a history on the route. I would like to state that the best months to walk the Saint Paul Route are spring.

You can find route details and self-guided maps on websites like trekking in Turkey, WikiLoc, or Via Eurasia.

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Apostle Paul’s journeys have always been interesting for me. It is inspiring to learn about this man who left all his comforts behind and took all these hardships to spread his faith. Contact me to learn more about the Saint Paul Trail and the story of Saint Paul in Turkey. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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