Hire a Licensed Tour Guide in Turkey

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Hire a Licensed Tour Guide in Turkey
Hire a Licensed Tour Guide in Turkey

Turkey, my beloved country, offers plenty of tour opportunities. Although it has a vast territory, the transportation infrastructure is way ahead of many countries. You can see many attractions around Turkey just in one week if you have a well-planned itinerary that can be created by your tour guide.

I can help you to solve many problems: answer your questions about attractions and their locations, where to get the best deals on airline tickets, which is the best season to be in different regions of Turkey, and so on.

”Merhaba” from Turkey

I guide some international travel companies with organized big bus tours around Turkey. And I provide personalized itineraries for private groups as well. Ephesus and surrounding attractions tour, Seven Churches of the Revelation in Turkey tour, Istanbul tours, Cappadocia tours, and Foot Steps of Saint Paul tour are the most popular tours that I guide in Turkey. Moreover, I provide some interest-oriented itineraries, for example, Culinary tours, Jewish heritage tours, Medical tours, Early Christianity in Turkey tours, Adventure tours, Islamic Art and Culture tours, Private Gulet cruise tours, and many more. The limit is your imagination when it comes to creating a custom itinerary in Turkey.

Visit the Library of Celsus with Ephesus Tour Guide Hasan Gulday

ToursAroundTurkey.com was created for people who try to find the best Turkey travel itinerary. I believe my experiences and knowledge of tours around Turkey can help travelers to make the right decisions when it comes to booking their tours. On this website, you can find articles about tours around Turkey, places of interest in Turkey, religions in Turkey, Turkish cuisine and street food, Turkish culture, and many more subjects. I personally wrote most of the posts on this website, and I also try to publish articles of some well-known Turkish tour guides and Turkey travel experts.

You can get in touch with me on the contact page, or you can read more about me on the ‘’about Hasan’’ section of the website. Using this platform, you can hire a professional recommended licensed Turkish tour guide easily. Feel free to ask me questions. I will help you to have your best travel experience in Turkey.

Visit Istanbul with Professional Tour Guide Hasan Gulday

Why should you hire a private tour guide in Turkey?

A good guide is always one step ahead!

I will briefly tell you all the important information you will need during your tour, even before you arrive in Turkey. You don’t have to search and collect all the information such as what to pack, how the weather will be, what are the exchange rates, local customs, and more! I know all of what you require. Don’t worry, be happy.

You don’t have to wait in long lines to enter any sights.

I can get your ticket from the ticket booth reserved exclusively for guided groups. Many attractions in Turkey have a private entrance for guided tours. I can make you save a good amount of time, up to one hour, especially at points like Hagia Sophia Museum or Ephesus Ancient City. This saved time means more exploring, which is crucial for guests coming with cruise ships.

Take a hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia with Hasan Gulday

I will help you understand how it feels to be a Turk.

How do Turkish people live, what do we like to do, how do we work? Other than that, the current state of Turkey, general thoughts of the Turkish people in politics, and more. There are lots of interesting topics related to Turkey! I will help you learn as much as possible.

I have a lot of stories and many of them are fresh and up to date.

Listen and discover them while you are in Turkey because most of my stories cannot be found in the books but can be heard on a tour with me.

Visit Theater of Ephesus with Ephesian Tour Guide Hasan Gulday

I am always ready for the unexpected!

I know how to organize the tour on a rainy day in the most enjoyable way. I can find a different activity to make your waiting time fun if we have to wait to enter a church or mosque late because of a ritual. Hasan the guide always has a plan B😉.

I guarantee you to travel safely.

The biggest problem of being in a foreign country for the first time is the feeling of not being safe. The scams occur in various places like hotels, taxis, shops, restaurants, and exchange offices all over the world. The best way to avoid such events is to travel with a guide.

Visit Izmir (Smyrna) with Licensed Tour Guide Hasan Gulday

A guide can personally take care of you.

I can give you personalized advice to have some little touches on your itinerary. Are you coming with your friends? I can show you the best clubs and bars to have fun in! Do you want to tour with your children? I can create the best kids-friendly tour itinerary in Turkey! Are you planning to travel with your spouse? I can get you a table at the most romantic restaurant. My local information is always up-to-date! I know the dates of special programs and festivals. I will share with you things you can’t find on the Internet.

Explore Turkey with licensed Turkish tour guide Hasan Gulday

I will help you use your time more efficiently.

When traveling with a professional guide, you save a lot of time. Whether you have a short or long time, I can create an efficient itinerary for you. I will help you to find the best places to visit in whichever region of Turkey you are traveling to.

You will have at least one new friend in Turkey! 🙂

I will be your first Turkish friend! Except for history, culture, legends, and useful information, I will talk about myself a little bit during the trip. Because I know a tour is unforgettable with personal stories and adventures, especially fun ones!

Hire a Licensed Tour Guide in Turkey

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