Guided Motorcycle Tours in Turkey

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Motorcycle journeys are sometimes indispensable in my life. Sometimes to have a pleasant time, sometimes to enjoy unique views on long trips with friends, and sometimes to spend time all alone. I had chances to lead tours on motorbikes for tourists coming to Turkey several times and they were some of the most joyful tours I have ever led. I want to share some of the best motorcycle routes in this article. Maybe someday we can enjoy guided motorcycle tours in Turkey together. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

Guided Motorcycle Tours in Turkey
Turkey Motorcycle Tour

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Akbük – Kemer Road / 483 Kilometers

This motorcycle route starting from Akbük Bay and stretching from Ortaca and Fethiye to Kemer is an unmatched opportunity for motorcyclists who want to travel on the coastline. It stands out as an ideal way for many motorcycle riders, from those who want to camp and enjoy the view during their long holidays to the ones who want to have an all-day ride.

Ephesus Motorcycle Tour on 4th of November 2020

Antalya – Gocek Road / 350 kilometers

Antalya-Göcek motorcycle route is also known as the Lycian Way. This route, which has gained worldwide recognition, allows you to enjoy the nature, ancient ruins and the sea with its length of approximately 350 kilometers. While you are on this route, you can witness magnificent views, by visiting resorts such as Kemer, Olympos and Fethiye. You can reach Göcek via Fethiye Bay as the last stop.

Antalya Motor Road

Marmaris – Bodrum – Datca Road / 100 kilometers

Although it is as short as 100 kilometers, the Marmaris – Bodrum – Datça motorcycle route opens the doors of a journey where you can have a pleasant time with the forest on both sides of the road. This motorcycle route stands out as an unmissable opportunity, especially for drivers who love curvy roads. Just allow the feelings of nature on the motorcycle.

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Gökçeada – Bozcaada / 900 Kilometers

If you want to travel the islands in the Aegean Sea by motorcycle, you can choose Gökçeada and Bozcaada. You can easily and quickly reach the islands by ferry from the port in Ezine on the way from Izmir and from the port in Eceabat on the way from Istanbul. As a journey that you can enjoy by watching the unique view of nature in the middle of the sea, you can evaluate the motorcycle route of Gökçeada – Bozcaada, and you can have amazing experiences on this 900 km journey!

Karaburun, Turkey

Çanakkale – Karaburun / 500 Kilometers

Starting from Trojan Altınoluk, Oren, Akcay, this motorbike route has one of the unique natural landscapes of Turkey where you can visit the Old Foca, you can experience your riding pleasure fullest. This motorcycle route, which you can complete in 2-3 days by staying in boutique hotels of the places you reach. Also, you can do it in one day if you want. This route will take an important place among your memories!

Hire Motorcycle tour guide in Turkey

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