Can Hasan Prehistoric Site

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Can Hasan Prehistoric Site is located 15 kilometers northeast of Karaman city center. 3 separate mounds were found in the settlement area. Settlement in Can Hasan mound is from the Chalcolithic Age.

Houses discovered in Can Hasan
Houses discovered in Can Hasan

Can Hasan was discovered by James Mellaart in October 1958. The first season of excavations started in 1961 by The British Institute at Ankara and went on till the end of 1969. Today Can Hasan is open for visitors and it is an official protected archeological site by the Turkish State.

James Mellaart

In Can Hasan, the buildings were built using clay blocks. Tree posts kept the buildings standing. The walls and floors of the buildings are covered with mud plaster. Houses generally had two floors. The lower floor was used for storage, and the upper floor was used for sleeping. As can be seen in Catalhöyük, another settlement close to the region, the entrance door of the buildings was build in the ceiling.

Mace head found in Can Hasan Mound

Cattle were consumed in Can Hasan. In addition, evidence was found that barley, lentil and wheat were cultivated. Small tools found in the mound were generally made of obsidian. Numerous bone tools, large spoons and necklaces were unearthed in the settlement area.

Tour Guide to Can Hasan Prehistoric Site

Can Hasan Prehistoric Site is one of the not so popular gems in Anatolia. It is fascinating to dwell into the depths of human history and our shared past in Can Hasan. I will be looking forward to taking you to Can Hasan Prehistoric Site and explore it together. Contact me to learn more about Can Hasan and to hire a professional licensed tour guide in Turkey for Can Hasan Prehistoric Site. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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