The World’s Largest Ancient Floor Mosaic in Turkey

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This massive one-piece floor mosaic of 1,200 square meters, found during the construction work of a hotel in Hatay in 2010, attracts attention with its geometric figure diversity, will meet its visitors soon. The mosaic, which is thought to belong to the 6th century AD and was a “public space” and it is considered to be “the world’s largest single piece floor mosaic”. This unique artifact, which archaeologists worked intensely to unearth, also draws attention with its hand-woven rug-like appearance.

In Hatay city, famous for its rich mosaics, the mosaic, which covers an area of ​​1,200 square meters impresses people with its gigantic size, geometric shapes and the content of figures that do not repeat each other. It draws attention as it is curved like a carpet. Because of the great earthquakes in 526 and 528 AD, the work was bent in that way. Partly preserved, partly damaged in certain parts.

The World's Largest Ancient Floor Mosaic in Turkey
The World’s Largest Ancient Floor Mosaic in Turkey

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