Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque

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Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque was constructed by Okuz Mehmet Pasha in 1618 one year before he passed away. Therefore, it was also named as “Okuz Mehmet Pasha Mosque”. This is the oldest mosque in Kusadasi and was registered as the first degree monumental protected structure in the town.

Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque
Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque

It was constructed on a 1800 square meter land with a courtyard. Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque can hold up to 550 people. It has a square plan and built with cut stone material. The main entrance gate has geometrical inlaid works peculiar to Ottoman wood work techniques. These works are made up of mother-of-pearl, ivory and silver inlaid works, but they don’t exist any more today. The dome of the main building rests on a 16 cornered wheel. The dome was covered with lead. The last entry section of the mosque (the outer portico) was made of wood but this section was unfortunately renovated with concrete in 1970. Some repair in 1830 was carried out but the minaret was not restored as it was in good condition at the of restoration.

Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque Entrance

Okuz Mehmet Pasha started the works of the caravansary and the Kaleici Mosque and the Bath all in the same time. All of these attractions can be visited today.

Kusadasi Okuz Mehmet Pasa Mosque

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Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque is located in the historic center of Kusadasi. Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque is also known as Okuz Mehmet Pasa Mosque is actively used today. Kaleici Mosque in Kusadasi remains to be one of the most visited attractions in Kusadasi thanks to being located several hundred meters away from the Kusadasi Ephesus Cruise Port. Contact me to learn more about Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque and to hire a tour guide in Kusadasi for Kusadasi Kaleici Mosque and attractions such as Ephesus Ancient City around it. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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