10 Mysterious Facts About Ephesus

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10 Mysterious Facts About Ephesus
10 Mysterious Facts About EphesusMazeus and Mithridates Gate in Ephesus
  1. Sacred flame of the goddess Hestia was kept in the Prytaneion of Ephesus ancient city.
  2. The first archeological excavations in Ephesus started in 1863.
  3. The Grand Theater of Ephesus may have taken 60 years to be built. Ancient Ephesians had to carve and dig the mountain where the theater is built on today.
  4. Saint Timothy was the first bishop of Ephesus.
  5. Virgin Mary arrived in Ephesus with Saint John the Evangelist to spend 3 years at the location of the House of Virgin Mary today.
  6. Ephesians became allies with Pontus Emperor Mithridates and killed thousands of Romans in the night of Asiatic Vespers on 88 BC.
  7. Ephesus had been the center of St. Paul’s Ministry for 3 years.
  8. The name of Ephesus was mentioned as Apasa in Hittite sources. Also, Hittites called Apasa was the capital of the Kingdom of Arzawa which was a Hittitian sattelite kingdom on the Western Anatolia.
  9. Ephesus was liberated after the Battle of the Granicus which took place Alexander the Great and Persians in 334 BC.
  10. Ephesus hosted Mark Antony and Cleopatra in 33 BC before the battle of Actium.
Odeon of Ephesus

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