Alinda Ancient City in Caria

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Alinda Ancient City in Caria is located in the Karpuzlu district of Aydın province. Alinda is one of the most magnificent ancient cities of Anatolia. Ada was the Queen of Caria, who brought the ancient city of Alinda to the historical stage and made it famous. It is observed that granite stones are used in urban buildings. Alinda is a unique city for a traveler when it comes to traveling around western Turkey.

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The city of Alinda started to appear on the historical stage in the 4th century BC. When Macedonian Alexander the Great entered Anatolia, Mausolos’ daughter Ada was exiled in Alinda. Alexander the Great came and surrounded the city. He struggled to capture Alinda and couldn’t take the city. He decided to give up. Meanwhile, Ada opened the gates of the city of Alinda, invited Alexander inside, and wanted to negotiate. Then she made an offer. “Let me open the doors of Alinda to your soldiers. In return, I want something from you; leave Caria to me.” Alexander accepted this offer. This was not a very important situation for him. He knew he would not stop at Karia anyway. Alexander’s aim was to go further east, to other cities where the Persians lived and to bring down the Persian empire.

Alinda Ancient City in Caria

Even if modern excavations have not been carried out in Alinda yet, the strength and magnificence of their surviving structures are well enough to enchant everyone. Alinda is surrounded by a city wall. The city walls are made of local granite stone. Well preserved fortification walls are still standing in their places. Aqueducts that supply water to the city are also preserved in their original spots. Aqueduct to the west of the acropolis has a round arch, sitting on four legs. The most important building in Alinda that remains today is Agora. Agora is the market structure which has the upper floor arranged as a stoa. The theater is located on the southwestern skirt of the acropolis. The Alinda theater is located on a natural slope, the cavea facing the southeast is well preserved. The theater has Hellenistic features. Alinda theater received additions during the Roman period.

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Alinda is a unique gem preserved in western Turkey. I call it unique because while many other ancient sites are well excavated and crowded with tourist groups, Alinda is purely kept since it was abandoned. Alinda is easy to access and fun to visit. If you have any questions about Alinda, you can write to me. Also you can contact me if you want to book tours to Alinda and if you wish to book a private professional tour guide to Alinda, Turkey. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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