Attractions Around Sultanahmet Square

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Sultanahmet Square remains to be one of the most visited spots in Turkey. Sultanahmet Square is situated in the center of the Historic Peninsula of Istanbul or also known as the Golden Horn. Let’s have a look at the Attractions Around Sultanahmet Square.

Historic Peninsula of Istanbul with Sultanahmet Square in the center of it
Historic Peninsula of Istanbul with Attractions Around Sultanahmet Square in the center of it

Topkapi Palace

Topkapı Palace was the residence of the Ottoman Sultans and also the administrative and educational center of the Ottoman Empire. After Fatih Sultan Mehmed conquered Istanbul in 1453, the construction of the palace began eventually in 1460. Topkapi Palace was completed 18 years later in 1478. Considered one of the most iconic structures of Istanbul, the palace is located within the boundaries of the Historic Peninsula, like many of the most important places in the city. The famous Harem of the Ottoman Sultans is a part of Topkapi Palace too.

Famous Upside Down Medusa Head in the Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern is located in a very central location which is about a 2-minute walk from the famous Hagia Sophia. The most interesting spot to explore in the Basilica Cistern is the head of Medusa. The cistern was built by Justinian the First in 542. While it is also known as the “Basilica Cistern”, it is also known as the “Basilica Palace” among the people due to the columns rising from the water and giving to cistern a grandeur feeling.

Sultanahmet Square

Sultanahmet Square, one of the most visited and loved attractions in Istanbul, is where you can find obelisks, walled columns, fountains, mosques, museums, and monuments of the ancient eras. You can also see many other historical and touristic places that may be of interest to you scattered around this square.

Roman Ruins in the Hippodrome of Istanbul

Istanbul Archeology Museums

Istanbul Archeology Museums, which host more than 1 million artifacts, is actually a kind of complex formed by the combination of three museums. Within the complex are; Archeology Museum, Museum of Ancient Oriental Art, and Tiled Pavilion Museum.

Alexander the Great Sarcophagus in Istanbul Archeology Museum

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

I suggest you spare at least an hour for this museum, which hosts a unique and most diverse collection of Islamic artifacts in the world. The Sacred Relics section, where some of the very first copies of the Quran ever made are found, is the most interesting place in the museum.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque

Sultan Ahmet Mosque or better known as the Blue Mosque was built between 1609 and 1616 during the reign of Ahmet the First who was the Ottoman sultan at that time. Since then, it has had an important place in the silhouette of Istanbul. The Blue Mosque, which is open to visitors and worshipers today, can be visited every day of the week, except during prayer times and the nighttime.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque which is also known as the Blue Mosque of Istanbul

German Fountain

German Fountain of the Sultanahmet Square, one of the most magnificent and spectacular architectural works of Istanbul, was built by the German Emperor Wilhelm the Second as a gift to Istanbul and the Sultan at the time. The fountain was built in Germany and later moved to its current location in 1901. This fountain, which has a Byzantine-moric / Neo-Byzantine style, draws attention as it is unlike any fountain built in Istanbul before it.

Hurrem Sultan Bath

Hürrem Sultan Hamam which is also known as Hurrem Sultan Bath is one of the most beautiful baths in Istanbul. It is located in a location that you can easily reach right across Hagia Sophia and since it is heavily popular with all the visitors rushing in, you should make an appointment before visiting.

Istanbul Turkish Bath Recommended

Arasta Bazaar

Arasta Bazaar, which is a part of the Sultanahmet Complex, is also among the places to visit nearby Sultanahmet Square. If you want to buy something to remember Istanbul or to buy a souvenir for friends back home, you can take a look at this bazaar in the heart of Sultanahmet.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, which means “Divine Wisdom”, is considered one of the most important monuments in the world in terms of art and architecture. Described as the “eighth wonder of the world”, Hagia Sophia was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian the first between 532-537. It is considered the most important structure of the Historic Peninsula of Istanbul and number one among the must-see places in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia, which was used as a church for 916 years. Later it was converted into a mosque after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul in 1453. After being used as a mosque for 482 years, the mosque was turned into a museum in 1935 by the will of Atatürk and the decision of the Council of Ministers. Hagia Sophia, which was reopened as a mosque on July 24, 2020, is one of the attractions that should not be missed in Istanbul today.

Hire Tour Guide For Visitin Sultanahmet Square

Sultanahmet Square which is also known as the Hippodrome of Istanbul offers the selection of the most important monuments in Istanbul today. At least a day visit but better two or three days visit to Sultanahmet Square is recommended. Contact me to learn more about Attractions Around Sultanahmet Square and hire a professional licensed English-speaking tour guide in Istanbul. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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