Menorahs in Ephesus

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Menorah has many symbolic meanings. Its first meaning is to symbolize the “Perpetual Light”. After God created heaven and earth, he first said “Yehi ‘Or – Let there be light”. While this light symbolizes the enlightenment of the universe and our souls in a way, the Menorah also symbolizes the continuity and eternity of science. ) Menorah Candlestick lit with olive oil. It is one of the oldest symbols of the Jews.

This sign can be found in some ancient cities (such as Milet, Ephesus, Andriake/Myra, Limyra, etc.). usually indicates the existence of a synagogue. It is important in that it gives very clear ideas about the Jewish settlements in Anatolia in the past.

Menorah Carved on a Column in Ephesus
Menorah Carved on a Column in Ephesus
Menorah Found on the Steps of Celsus Library in Ephesus
Mazeus and Mithridates Gate Menorah

So far 3 menorahs were discovered in Ephesus. Here are their locations;

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Ephesus being one of the biggest cities of the Roman Empire and hosting a big Hebrew population still had a lot of remains originating from Jewish culture. Contact me to learn more about the Jewish history of Ephesus and to hire a professional licensed tour guide in Ephesus for Judaism in Ephesus tour. See you soon, Hasan Gulday.

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