Lake Salda

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Lake Salda, Turkey

Salda Lake in Burdur city of Turkey can be compared to the Maldives with its white beaches, clearness and turquoise water. Salda lake is one of the two points in the world that are similar to the geological structure of the planet Mars *. Lake Salda is Turkey’s deepest lake and third deepest lake of the world.

Can You Swim in Lake Salda ?

While you are going to Salda Lake, which is famous for its soft white beach, you won’t be able to keep yourself away from Salda’s turquoise water. However, this soft clay layer that gives color to the lake also brings the danger of sinking thanks to marshy properties of this sand.

Swimming in Salda Lake

Since there are also deepening parts of the lake, it is allowed to swim in the lake only around 3 beaches which are kept under control have lifeguards present at all times. You can swim in Salda lake on the beach in Yeşilova Municipality and Doğanbaba Public Beach and Salda Ministry of Forest Nature Park.

Water of the Salda lake is one of Turkey’s most clean and lukewarm water reservoirs. The season of swimming in the waters can be stretched between June and September.

In order to spend time on the shore of Salda Lake, it is useful to prefer morning or evening instead of midday when the sun is at the top of the sun.

Camping by the Lake Salda

Where is Lake Salda?

Salda Lake is in the north-west of Yeşilova district of Burdur, 4 km from the district’s center. It is a slightly salty tectonic lake surrounded by forested hills, rocky fields and small alluvial plains.

Lake Salda is 56 km from Burdur, 96 km from Denizli and 159 km from Antalya. Those who will travel with their private vehicles can reach the Salda Lake by continuing the Burdur-Yeşilova route. Those who will come from Antalya should follow Korkuteli and Karamanlı. There are regular flights from Burdur and Antalya for those who will travel by public transport.

Lake Salda

Salda Lake’s Features

Salda Lake, located in an alluvial plain, has rich mineral waters as it is a tectonic crater lake. High levels of magnesium, soda and clay in lake water shows that the water and mud of the lake can be useful in the treatment of some skin diseases.

Salda Lake, which is located at a height above sea level, is a closed basin lake that is fed by streams, groundwater and precipitation.

There is no river flowing out of the lake, but due to the decreasing rainfall, there are periodic withdrawals in the waters of the lake and 7 white islands, some large and small, occur in the lake.

Waters of Lake Salda

One of the two places in the world which has the properties of Martian Soil; Lake Salda

Professor Dr. Mike Russel of Glasgow University of Scotland, who has been researching Lake Salda for four years noted that there are two places on the earth that have surface characteristics of Mars, one of which is in the northern region of Canada and the other in Lake Salda. Explaining that magnesium-laden white rocks in the lake are also found on Mars. Russel claimed that this situation showed that the region on Mars could have been the sea or lake in the past, and that life could begin with the combination of solar and chemical molecules.

Tour Guide to Lake Salda

Lake Salda is not just a place I like to visit during my tours, it is also a place that I love to visit with my family and friends. I would be happy to take you for a memorable day to Lake Salda and show you some hidden gems around the Lake Salda. Contact me for a guided tour to Salda Lake in Turkey. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.


Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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