Latest Discoveries in Ephesus Excavations

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Archeologists working in Ephesus Ancient City made a surprisingly unusual find during the 2022 excavations. It may be the most important discovery in Ephesus since the terrace houses were found about 50 years ago! During the excavations of the ancient city of Ephesus, shops and the remains of a neighborhood belonging to the 7th century AD were found under a layer of fire. The newly discovered site is in Domitian Square, just adjacent to the Upper Agora, the political center of the ancient city of Ephesus.

Oil lamps that were found during the Latest Discoveries in Ephesus Excavations

Several shops have been unearthed in the 170 square meter area so far. Ceramic pots, numbering in the thousands, were found in these shops. The excavated area apparently disappeared unexpectedly in 614 – 615 AD. A thick and dense layer of ash covered all the household items in the rooms. Thanks to this thick layer of ash, all of the artifacts have been preserved until today.

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Discovery was made nearby the Domitian Square of Ephesus

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