Mount Ararat

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Mount Ararat is a mountain with an altitude of 5,137 meters located in the Eastern Anatolia Region, also known for its volcanic features. Turkey’s Mount Ararat is the highest volcanic mountain in Europe and the world’s second largest volcanic mountain. Ararat is located within the borders of the Eastern Anatolia Region, in the south of Iğdır city, 15 km north-east of Doğubayazıt town. Mount Ararat, also known for its legends, is known as a sacred mountain because it is the place where Noah’s Ark was anchored in the holy books.

Mount Ararat
Mount Ararat

Features of Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is the highest mountain in our country and ranks 43rd in the world. It has two peaks, the İnönü summit and the Atatürk summit. The Atatürk peak is higher than the İnönü summit, which is 5,137 meters and while İnönü summit is 3,898 meters. According to the records, the first climb to the mountain was made by Frederik Von Parat on October 9, 1829, and the next climb was by Bozkurt Ergör.

Ararat Mountain

The summit of Mount Ararat is covered with a layer of snow and ice. This glacier, which has a history of thousands of years, is 5 km wide with a thickness approaching 300 meters. Covering an area of about 10 km2 in size this ice layer is Turkey’s largest glacier. The crater of Mount Ararat cannot be seen and its location cannot be known since this wide and thick ice cover completely covers the summit area.

Names of Mount Ararat

Different civilizations gave different names to Mount Ararat over the centuries. It was known as Ararat in Armenian, Çiyayê Agirî in Kurdish, and Eğri Dağ during the Seljuk period.

Mount Ararat in Holy Scriptures

The Noah’s Flood, thought to have been experienced in the years 3000-3500 BC, is also described in the holy books of Holy Bible, Quran, Torah, the Sumerian tablets and the Gilgamesh Epic. Only the Prophet Noah and the believers who got on his ship and animal couples of all species taken aboard to continue their survival from the Great Flood, which was sent as a punishment to humanity who deviated from the God’s commands. The flood ends, the holy ship sits on Mount Ararat and life starts again.

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In the “Genesis” section of the Bible, it is stated that the Noah’s Ark anchored on the Ararat mountain. Biblical experts consider the Ararat mountain to be the mountain of the ancient Urartu kingdom. Around 20 archaeological sites have been identified in connection with this story.

The ship shaped formation located in Durupınar in Doğubayazıt district also attracts the attention of Noah’s Ark researchers. Interesting foundings and claims on this subject are exhibited in the small and modest museum nearby Mount Ararat. I should also mention marine fossils found in the region as proof showing that this region was underwater in the past.

Climbing Mount Ararat

Climbing Mount Ararat

There are hotels that can be accommodated in the city center nearby Ararat Mountain. If you want to climb the Little Ararat Mountain, you have to choose the northwest direction. Important information for mountaineers is that if they want to climb to the top of Big Mount Ararat, they should follow the south direction.

You will need some equipment for climbing and camping in your mountaineering activities with the Mount Ararat trip;

  • Climbing Rope
  • Spikes
  • Leather Gloves, Boots and Warm Clothing
  • Seat belt and Helmet
  • Snow Goggles and Snow Shovel
  • Hand Warmer Stoves
  • First aid kit
  • Map, Compass and Flashlight
  • Avalanche Rescue and Search Device
  • Sleeping bag
  • Backpack

Tour Guide for Mount Ararat

Tour Guide for Mount Ararat

Ararat is one of the most known places in Turkey. Mount Ararat is suitable not just for mountain climbers but also for travelers who want to experience something unique. Contact me to make all necessary arrangements for your mount Ararat and eastern Turkey adventure. You can hire a professional English-speaking licensed tour guide for mount Ararat in Turkey. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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