Shocking Revelation About Ephesian Gladiators

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A Shocking Revelation About Ephesian Gladiators was made. Analysis of the bones of Roman gladiators buried in the ancient city of Ephesus shows that these warriors were mostly vegetarian!

Examination of two gladiators’ bones revealed that they ate a grain-based diet, mostly did not consume meat and drank a beverage made from plant ashes. The drink made from plant ashes contributed to the strengthening of the body and bone healing after physical exhaustion.

In historical sources and ancient texts; Gladiators, whose diet consisted mostly of grain and beans, were referred to as “barley eaters”. It is estimated that gladiators consisted of prisoners of war, slaves, and criminals. But people who had voluntarily trained and wanted to fight could also become gladiators. Warriors who take part in gladiator battles are thought to have a roughly one in nine chance of dying for each battle.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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