2300-year-old Mini-heart Found in Troy

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A three-centimeter clay mini pottery was found in the ancient city of Troy in Turkey.

Archaeologists are working to reach new findings in the ancient city, which is on the World Cultural Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and is known to have a historical past of 5,500 years.

2300-year-old Mini-heart Found in Troy
2300-year-old Mini-heart Found in Troy

Excavations in the area begun in the year 1871 by Heinrich Schliemann, then Wilhelm Dörpfeld, and Carl Blegen. Excavations have been going on for 160 years by local and foreign archaeologists. Troy remans to be one of the longest excavetd ancient ruins of the world!

Artifacts unearthed from Troy, where many archaeological discoveries have been made so far, are exhibited at the Troy Museum, which is right before the entrance of the ancient city.

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