Ayasuluk Hill Nearby Ephesus

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Ayasuluk Hill, also known as Ayasuluk Höyük, is an ancient mound located in İzmir Province, Turkey. It holds a special place within the Ephesus UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts a rich historical legacy. Towering over the heart of Ephesus Ancient City, Ayasuluk Hill serves as a gateway to the city’s enigmatic past and breathtaking panoramas. As a tour guide, let me take you on a journey through time as we explore this remarkable site.

Ayasuluk Hill Nearby Ephesus
Ayasuluk Hill Nearby Ephesus

The earliest traces of human settlement on Ayasuluk Hill date back to the Hittite era of the 2nd millennium BC, when it was known as Apasa. Even before the start of the Helladic period around 1050 BC, there is evidence of Mycenaean presence in the area. Ayasuluk Hill is believed to be the original location of Ephesus before the city moved a few kilometers away. Over time, Ephesus shifted from its coastal position to this elevated hill.

Ayasuluk Hill boasts the distinction of being Ephesus’s first settlement. Archaeological evidence suggests the hill was inhabited as far back as the Hittite period (roughly 1600 BC – 1180 BC). During the Hellenistic period (323 BC – 31 BC), Ephesus flourished as a major port city, leaving its mark on history. Over time, the city shifted its location, but by the Byzantine Era (330 AD – 1453 AD), Ephesians returned to city’s birthplace which was Ayasuluk Hill.

Ayasuluk Hill And Ayasuluk Castle Nearby Ephesus

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Ayasuluk Hill serves as an unforgettable prelude to your Ephesus visit. After soaking in the city’s panoramic view from the hilltop, you can lose yourself in the ancient city’s enigmatic streets, listening to the echoes of the past. The enchanting atmosphere of Ephesus, coupled with the historical fabric of Ayasuluk Hill, promises a unique experience. Contact me to learn more about Ephesus and to hire professional tour guide for Ephesus ancient city. See you soon, Hasan Gülday!

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