Tetragonos Agora in Ephesus

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Tetragonos Agora in Ephesus – Commercial Market in Ephesus

Tetragonos Agora in Ephesus was the place where commercial facilities and goods were located. Tetragonos Agora can be considered commercial center of Ephesus. Commercial Agora of Ephesus was first established in the 3rd century BC and took its final shape during the Roman Emperor Augustus’ era. However, after a great earthquake in the fourth century AD, the commercial agora of Ephesus was damaged and could not be used for a long time. A new agora was established in the northern part of the old one in the 6th century AD by recycling ruins of the old one.

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Tetragonos Agora in Ephesus

3 sides of the Ephesus State Agora are surrounded by columns. It is known that in the agora there are offices for civil servants, but also religious and political meetings took place here too. There is a temple dedicated to the Egyptian God Isis in the middle of the agora. There was a significant number of Egyptians living in Ephesus. The section connecting newly established agora to the old one today serves as the police station center of the Ephesus Gendarmerie. Agora measures 157 meters by 157 meters being a nearly perfect square.

Agora South Gate

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The Agora South Gate was built in the 2nd century BC, financed by Mazeus and Mithridates, two former slaves who were liberated by the Roman Emperor. The legislation and official declarations about the market place were hung on the gate informing shop owners. It was completely destroyed as a result of an earthquake that occurred in the thirteenth century and was restored during the restoration works of Ephesus.

Commercial Agora of Ephesus is an eye-catching part of Ephesus Ancient city in Turkey. I love to spend some free time in this agora, having some great photo opportunities. You can always contact me to learn more about Ephesus Commercial Agora. Contact me if you need to hire a professional licensed Turkish tour guide to take you to Ephesus Commercial Agora. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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