Boji The Wandering Dog Of Istanbul

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Boji The Wandering Dog Of Istanbul travels by public transport and he changes 25-30 stations a day while traveling 35 km. Boji, which travels around Istanbul with the subway, tram, ferry, and IETT buses, became famous with a social media post. This docile dog can cross the street at traffic lights. He also knows very well how to get on and off public transport.

While Istanbulites show great interest in Boji, the meaning of the name is wondered. Name of Boji comes from the part of the railway or tram wagon where he loves to sleep. Bogie is a component of Railway vehicles. Its job is to move the wheels and move the rest of the vehicle.

The Boji, who now has millions of followers on social media sites, was adopted and taken care of by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Now, thanks to the chip it carries, the location of the Boji is known and the necessary maintenance is carried out by municipality’s veterinarians.

Metro Istanbul has undertaken the feeding of the Boji (bogie). Food is left for him at his favorite stations. A dog house was built for the bogie on the Kadıköy – Moda Tram Line. Boji, who now has a house, also has a social media account too. An application has also been developed to track the Boji’s route.

Boji has been featured in international news agencies and media, and its reputation has spread to the world through the Reuters news agency.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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