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Turkey is one of the richest geographies in the world in terms of plant and animal diversity, including, of course, dog races. There are a number of dog races unique to our country, and these races are known all over the world, particularly Sivas Kangal. Sivas Kangal is the first race that comes to mind when it comes to dogs in Turkey. However, the other canine races that are unique to our country are as beautiful and special as Kangal. The Turkish canine races of different parts of our country have been bringing beauty to these lands for hundreds of years, and they are not separated from the Anatolian people as their closest friend. Here are the dogs of Turkey, each of which is magnificent.

Sivas Kangal

Yes, of course, I will start my article with Sivas Kangal, Turkey’s most famous dog 😄. This huge and dignified dog, named after Kangal in Sivas province, is thought to have been brought to the town by Kangarlar, a Turkish-centered Central Asian body named after him.

Sivas Kangal Dog in Cappadocia

Kangal dogs are known as shepherds, but they are also flawless watchdogs. These beautiful dogs are incredibly good at managing sheep herds, and that’s why there is a Sivas Cangal dog everywhere the sheep is. The Kangal dogs are both companions and helpers of the shepherds who have led the pack with great success.

Of course, today, Kangal has ceased to be a rural dog, it has become a friend living with people in cities. It is a complete misconception that he is aggressive because he is huge because Kangal is a very calm dog and does not easily show aggressive tendencies unless there is a serious threat. They also have great relationships with children. So Sivas Kangal is, in a word, a magnificent dog.

Akbaş (Akbash) Dog

Turkish Akbash Dog

The Akbaş dog, which is very similar to the Sivas Kangal dog, may be said to have remained under the shadow of Kangal for this reason. Akbaş, a race that belongs to Eskişehir and its surroundings, is also a shepherd’s dog and is used to protect not only sheep but also cows. Unlike Kangal, Akbaş is known for being very brave and aggressive against wild animals who can threaten the herd.

It is known that these brave dogs fearlessly attack even the bears and other animals which are many times larger than themselves. Akbaş is also very successful in driving herds and is known to be able to function alone even in crowded herds.

Akbaş is also thought to have been brought to Turkey by the Turks who migrated from Central Asia and are known to live with semi-nomadic communities that had been livestock breeding for a long time. For this reason, Akbaş is also one of the most devoted dog races to its freedom.

Aksaray Malakli

Aksaray Malaklisi

One of the biggest dogs in Turkey is Aksaray Malakli. These huge dogs, which have already crossed the borders of the country, belong to the province of Aksaray nearby Cappadocia. The Aksaray Malakli is a perfect shepherd, whose body structure resembles Kangal dog but is much larger than Kangal. The Aksaray Malakli is a very good watchdog that saves and protects the flocks of sheep.

These giant dogs can reach up to 140 cm and 120 kilograms. They have unpredictable considering their huge bodies, but their mass also prevents them from running for long periods of time.

Turkish Greyhound

Turkish Greyhound Dog

Greyhounds can be defined as a dog family hound in Turkey and the Turkish Greyhound is a unique member of this family. The earliest information about the Turkish Greyhound race dates back to the 16th century, in a miniature of that date, where the Ottoman sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, was hunting with a Turkish hound next to him. Although the ancestor of the Turkish hound is thought to be the Kyrgyz hound, there is no definite information on this subject.

The Turkish hound is also endangered, and it is known that very few of these dogs remain in our country. Meanwhile, it is forbidden to take the Turkish greyhound out of Turkey. These dogs can only be taken out of the country with permission from the Military Veterinary School and Training Center Command.

Turkish Pointer (Also known as Çatalburun)

One of the most interesting dogs in Turkey is the Turkish Pointer which is also known as Çatalburun, a race belonging to the Mersin and Tarsus region. Çatalburun dogs can reach a maximum of 63 centimeters in length and 25 kilograms. Çatalburun is regarded more as a special hunting dog. The nose shape makes you think it has two noses 😉, making Çatalburun look interesting and making it much more successful when it comes to smell.

Turkish Pointer which is also known as Catalburun

Although the Turkish Pointer is in the hunting dog class, it is a very calm and benign race, and these properties make it a perfect home dog. The Çatalburun dogs, which are very loyal to their owners, now also live with people in cities.

Trabzon Zerdavası

A great video showing Trabzon Zerdavası Dogs working for the Turkish security forces

A dog raised in the Black Sea region, in the area of Giresun and Trabzon, with very hard and stubborn properties that never let go of its prey. Usually, the standard color of zeroes is brown, and they are white at the tip of their tails.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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