Legend of Troy

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Priam was the king of Troy in the thirteenth century before Christ. The name of his youngest son, who is from his wife Hekabe, was Paris. A few days before birth of Paris, the queen dreams of a giant flame coming out of her belly wrapping around the city walls of Troy and eventually the whole city gets burned. Dream interpreters listened the queen’s dream and told her that the child to be born will cause the destruction of Troy.

Reimagination of Daily Life in Troy
Reimagination of Daily Life in Troy

Upon this, King Priamos took the baby when he was born and gave him to his servant for taking him to today’s Kaz Mountains and leave him to die alone. The butler fulfills his order and leaves the baby to die in the wild. Unfortunately for the people of Troy and fortunately for the baby, a female bear sees the child and starts feeding baby Paris.

The baby Paris was fed bear milk for a while. Then a shepherd found him. Shepherd took him home and raised him with his other children. Continuing his life as a good shepherd until he became a young man, Paris learns one day that he has been appointed as the judge of the beauty contest of the three gods of Olympus.

Paris and Three Beauties

One day, the gods of Olympus wanted to know the answer to the question of who is the most beautiful goddess of all. None of the goddesses admitted that they are uglier than the other goddesses. Goddess Hera, the wife of the chief god Zeus, said that she is the most beautiful goddess.

According to Athena, the protector of cities and the goddess of reason, and Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, they were the most beautiful goddess too. In the end, the problem was taken to the chief god Zeus, and he was asked to act as a referee. However, Zeus did not want to be involved in this turmoil and asked for the answer of this question to a mortal.

The person Zeus chose as the referee was Paris. Paris received the news that he had been elected as a referee from the god Hermes who was the messenger of Zeus. Hermes gave an apple to Paris after telling the news of Zeus. Paris was told to give this apple to whatever goddess he finds the most beautiful.

Location of Troy on Anatolia

The goddesses offered a lot of bribes to Paris to win the beauty pageant. Hera promised the Kingdom of Asia and Athena offered eternal wisdom and success. Aphrodite said she would give the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. This woman was Helena, wife of the Spartan king Menelaus.

Meanwhile, Paris went to the city of Troy before the competition and participated in the games and races there. Watching the games and competitions, the king and queen felt heartfelt closeness to the successful contestant Paris. When they investigated, wondering who he is, they learned that this boy was their son Paris and Paris began to live in the palace as a prince. When the day of the contest came, Paris appeared before the beautiful goddesses and, enchanted by the beauty of Aphrodite, she left the apple in the palms of Aphrodite.

Aphrodite, chosen as the most beautiful of the goddesses, gave the love of Helen to Paris ash Aphrodite kept her promise. Paris prepared a ship and went to the Peloponnese and was hosted in the palace of Menelaus, who ruled on this island. There, the king’s beautiful wife Helena fell in love with Paris and Helen was smuggled to Troy. Upon this, the king Menelaus went to his brother Agamemnon who was the strongest of the Akha kings in Greece, and asked him to organize an expedition to Troy.

Troy Ancient City Today in Drone Footage

In addition, the demigod of Achilles, who joined the war alongside the Ahkas, defeated Hector and killed him leaving Troy without a proper leader. This incident determined the outcome of the war. Menelaus took his wife, Helena, and returned to his country. This was a result of the final fate of the city of Troy.

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