World’s Oldest Bridge in Use in Turkey

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The Stone Bridge, which hosts 6 different civilizations in Adana and is known as the oldest bridge still in use in the world, stands with its glory like the first day even when it is 1,700 years old. Bringing the two sides of the Seyhan River together in the middle of Adana, Taşköprü is one of the longest living bridges in the world. Perhaps it is the longest living one. Of course, there are many rumors about the bridge, which is dated 3500 or 2000 years ago.

World's Oldest Bridge in Use in Turkey Connecting Two Sides of Seyhan River in Adana
World’s Oldest Bridge in Use in Turkey Connecting Two Sides of Seyhan River in Adana

According to some archaeologists, the Hittite King Arnuwanda the First mentioned Taşköprü in an epigraph dated 1550 BC while describing his war with Adania saying “I fought a city called Adania. A river flowed in front of him. There was also a bridge over the river.”. According to another rumor based on the Hittites, King Hattusili passed through Adana on his way to Syria and built this bridge over the Seyhan River.

Adana Taşköprü

Historian Victor Langlois, who visited Adana in the 1850s, said that the bridge was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian who lived between 76 – 138, and even the epitaph bearing his name was available in 1841 as it is claimed by Victor Langlois. Unfortunately, that inscription is missing today.

Sabancı Central Mosque and Taşköprü of Adana

Another proof that the Taşköprün was built in the Roman period is the Greek inscription in the Adana Archeology Museum. According to that inscription, Taşköprü was built by the architect Auxentius in the 4th century, during the Roman Empire.

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