Famous Christian People of Asia Minor

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Anatolia or as usually mentioned as Asia Minor in Holy Bible plays an important role in early Christianity. There are a lot of Christian martyrs and saints who originates from Turkey or left their mark in Christian faith. Let’s have a look at the names and stories of the most famous Christian people of Asia Minor.

List of Famous Christian People of Asia Minor

Saint Blaise

Saint Blaise was born in today’s Turkish city of Sivas which was known as Sebastia in Asia Minor province of the Roman Empire. He was a doctor, and he performed many real life miracles of healing. Unfortunately he was presecuted by the Emperor Licinius and sentenced to death. Saint Blaise was beated, his flesh peeled with iron combs, and finally beheaded.

John Chrysostom

He was the Archbishop of Constantinople. Chrysostom meant golden-mouthed in Byzantian Greek language. He was against the use of authority by the church and state leaders.

Peter of Atroa

Peter was born in Atroa village which was a part of Nicaea town in Byzantine Empire. Peter exorcised demons out of people thanks to power given to him by God.

Saint Ephrem the Syrian

St. Ephrem was born in 306 at Nisibis city which is known as Nusaybin in Turkey today. He was one of the first founders of the practical theology in Christiany. Saint Ephrem created lots of hymns, poems, and sermons in verse. He died on 9th of June 373 in Edessa city which is known as Sanliurfa in Turkey today.

Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Forty Martyrs of Sebaste were first mentioned by the Saint Basil of Cesaria. They were Roman soldiers of Christian faith. Forty soldiers were martyred by the Emperor Licinius in Sivas city of today’s Turkey.

Saint Gregory the Illuminator

Saint Gregory was born in Armenia, and he was son of pagan parents. Then he was taken to Caesarea city in Cappadocia which is known as Kayseri in Turkey today. Later Saint Gregory the Illuminator headed back to Armenia and converted the territory into Christianity.

Gregory of Nazianzus

Saint Gregory was born in today’s Nenizi village of Turkey located in the east of Aksaray city. He fused Hellenism with the early church traditions and created rhetoric of Byzantine theologians and church officials.

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