7 Interesting Facts About Apostle Paul

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  • Apostle Paul was shipwrecked on island Malta while he was a prisoner being taken to Rome to be judged. He spent his limited time on his missions while waiting for a replacement ship at Malta.
  • Saint Paul was originally a Jewish man from Tarsus, Turkey whose real name is Saul. At first, he tortured the Christians, then Saul became a Christian and spread Christianity with Saint Peter.
7 Interesting Facts About Apostle Paul
7 Interesting Facts About Apostle Paul
  • Paul and Cleopatra had an interesting connection. Tarsus, the city Paul was born, was the spot where the legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra met Marc Anthony. Maybe that why Apostle Paul tells to a Roman soldier “I am a Jew, from Tarsus in Cilicia, a citizen of no ordinary city.” (Acts 21:39)
  • He saw Jesus Christ, whom he referred to as God in his dream. Saint Paul visited the Ephesus region several times, saying that Jesus declared himself a prophet.
  • Famous American singer Johnny Cash wrote a book about Apostle Paul named ”Man in White”.
  • Apostle Paul was a bystander during the stoning of Saint Stephan who was the first Christian martyr.
  • Paul might have been in the same place when Saint Stephan was stoned to death, but he did not involve himself into this incident. It is very strange since even if Paul was a Christian hunter, he still did not want to join into killings.

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