7 Unknown Facts About Apostle Paul

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  • Before Paul, Christianity was much stricter and more conservative. Apostle Paul opened the faith to everyone who wished to come in.
  • Paul’s hometown of Cilicia was very popular for producing a type of goat-hair cloth which is well known as and excellent type of fabric for making tents
  • Contrary to what some think, he did not write the Bible. The letters in which he communicated with his followers were added to the Bible. The creation of the bible as a written book happened in the 4th century.
  • Paul ended his ministry as an apostle in Rome just like Apostle Peter.
7 Unknown Facts About Apostle Paul
7 Unknown Facts About Apostle Paul
  • Paul belonged to a wealth Roman – Jewish family.
  • Apostle Paul was the author of 13 books in the New Testament.
  • Apostle Paul had been one of the most popular characters in the early church since he could connect with both Jews and Christians and be known by many.

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