Hipponax of Ephesus

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Hipponax of Ephesus

Here lies the poet Hipponax. If you are a scoundrel, do not approach the tomb; but if you are honest and from worthy stock, sit down in confidence and, if you like, fall asleep.

Hipponax of Ephesus

Being on the crossroads of the ancient world Ephesus hosted many well known people of the old times. Some ancient philosophers like Heraclitus and Hipponax were from Ephesus too.

What makes Hipponax of Ephesus different?

Hipponax keeps a special place in the list of ancient philosophers since he had a very witty language. He mostly used poems to express his ideas and feelings. Hipponax used Iambus genre which was used to criticize religious cults and offerings. He evolved Iambus genre into more humorous and witty style thanks to his poetry which was more narrow and insistently vulgar.

He was exiled from Ephesus then he moved into Clazomenae (Klazomenai) which is in Urla today. He once had an argument with a person which resulted into person’s suicide caused by the shame he had from the words of Hipponax. Hipponax passed away in Clazomenae.

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