Nisibis in Turkey

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Church of Saint Jacob in Nisibis
Church of Saint Jacob in Nisibis

Tukish city of the east called Nusaybin today had several names in the past. Nisibis was one of them. Today Nusaybin is a part of Turkish Mardin city.

Roots of Nisibis goes back 3000 years to the Assyrian kingdom era. The City changed hands several times with the respected order of Babylonians, Achaemenid Persians, and Alexander the Great. Nisibis was slowly Hellenized and some even rumored city was founded by warrior tribes of Sparta.

Nisibis slowly turned into a battleground witnessing battles in between Romans and local states. Romans arrived in the year 67 BC. Roman general Lucullus occupied the city by defeating Armenians. Roman and Parthian wars took place right outside the Nisibis walls too. Trajan and Septimius Severus lost and retook the city several times. Eventually Nisibis became the capital of the Roman province of Mesopotamia.

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