Important Christian People of Anatolia

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Land called Asia Minor as mentioned in the Holy Bible or known as Turkey today played a predominant role in early Christianity. Christian martyrs and saints who lived in Turkey left their mark in early Christian stories. Let’s have a look at the names and stories of the most important Christian people of Anatolia.

List of Important Christian People of Anatolia

Nicholas of Sion

Nicholas was from Lycian city of Pharroa. Saint Nicholas was known to travel to Jerusalem twice in his lifetime, and he performed miracles of healing.

Gregory of Nyssa

Saint Gregory of Nyssa was a great universalist who believed in the universal salvation of all human beings. He was the younger brother of Basil of Caesarea, and a good friend of Gregory of Nazianzus.

Nikon the Metanoeite

Nikon holds a very special place in the Church since he was not a praying monk. He used his time for preaching instead of praying.

Margaret of Antioch
Margaret of Antioch

Pausicacus of Synada

Pausicacus was born in Synada which is modern Turkey’s Afyonkarahisar city. He was born into a rich family, but he gave up his luxurious life and became a monk who lives on only water and bread. He had the power of healing mentally ill people.

Saint Helen

She was the mother of the Emperor Constantine the Great. She was given uncontrolled access to the imperial treasury and her son wanted his mother to find the relics of the Christian tradition. Saint Helen had several pilgrimages around the Middle East and funded the construction of Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and the Church of Eleona on the Mount of Olives.

Jacob of Nisibis

Jacob of Nisibis was born in Nisibis town of the Roman Empire which is known as Nusaybin, Turkey today. Saint Jacob was one of the participants of the first ecumenical council at Nicaea and one of the signatories of the Council of Antioch in 341. Some relics believed to belong to Noah’s Ark were discovered by Saint Jacob.

Margaret of Antioch

Margaret was from Antakya city of today’s Turkey. She promised anyone who read her life will have less pain for the punishment they can receive for their sins. Joan of Arc told she had spoken with Margaret of Antioch or Margaret the Virgin.

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