Another 7 Interesting Facts About Apostle Paul

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  • Apostle Paul spent three years studying the Jewish scriptures after his baptizing and becoming a Christian. He tried to find explanations for the Christian teachings in Jewish scriptures.
  • Paul was an apocalyptic writer. Being apocalyptic can sound very negative to a modern reader today but apocalyptic has a different meaning. Apocalypse does not mean the end of everything as we know, it actually means ending leading to a new beginning.
  • Paul could speak at least 3 languages. These were Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew.
  • Apostle Paul could have easily journeyed more than 10,000 miles in his lifetime. This was an unbelievable deed Considering travelling conditions and dangers of the world on the first century BC.
  • The year of 2008 was declared and celebrated as Saint Paul’s year by Pope Benedict XVI.
Another 7 Interesting Facts About Apostle Paul
Another 7 Interesting Facts About Apostle Paul
  • Paul was extremely tolerant for his time. People of the first century BC didn’t get along well with people of different colors and races. But Paul was welcoming to both his Ethiopian converts and fair skinned Romans.
  • As it is stated in the Acts 14:8–10, Apostle Paul healed a crippled man in Lystra. Following this miracle people of the region thought Paul and his companion Barnabas were god and decided to sacrifice animals for them. Paul had to stop them.

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