Important Christian People of Asia Minor

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Turkey or as usually mentioned as Asia Minor in Holy Bible plays a vital role in early Christian history. There are a lot of Christian martyrs and saints who were born in Turkey or had their mark in Christian faith in Turkey. Let’s have a brief look at the names and stories of the most important Christian people of Asia Minor.

List of Important Christian People of Asia Minor

Constantine the Great

Constantine the Great was the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire. He ruled the Roman Empire between 324 until his death in 337.

Theophilus of Adana

Theophilus has a very interesting story being the first known saint who made contact and deal with the devil. He believed to be one of the inspirations of Faust.

Theophilus of Adana
Theophilus of Adana

Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara is one of the early Christian female martyrs.

Saint Barnabas

Saint Barnabas is one of the early Christian disciples. He is a Jewish person, and he converted into Christianity in Antioch which is today’s Antakya city in Turkey. He preached around Turkey with Apostle Paul. Saint Barnabas was martyred in Cyprus and his grave is in the Salamis city of Cyprus today.


Trophimus was one of the eight men who accompanied Apostle Paul on his third missionary in Anatolia. As it is mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:20, Trophimus was left in Miletus because of his sickness.

Saint Basil

St. Basil is credited for being the creator of monastic life. He was born in Cappadocia region of Turkey and his signature can be seen all around Cappadocian Cave Churches and Monastries.

Theopemptus of Nicomedia

Theopemptus was from modern Turkish city Izmit which was called Nicomedia in the Roman Empire. He stood against the Emperor Diocletian’s strict order telling him to worship into pagan god of Apollo. He became one of the early martyrs of the Christianity.

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