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Isa Bey Mosque Today

Isa Bey Mosque was built on the western slope of Ayasuluk Hill where the Jean Church is located. Isa Bey Mosque is one of the important works made in the Seljuk era of Ephesus. Mosque was built-in 1375 by the famous architect Ali İbn Ed Dimiski and it was paid by the governor Isa Bey.

Unique Materials of Isa Bey Mosque

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Isa Bey mosque used architectural pieces and columns brought from Ephesus ruins and the Temple of Artemis. That’s why you can still feel the touch of ancient pagans when you enter into the garden of this mosque. Isa Bey Mosque is an interesting work with its location. It is located between pagan temples and Christian churches that brought the people of Ephesus in ancient times together.

Entrance of Isa Bey Mosque

Architecture of Isa Bey Mosque

The mosque is an example of Seljuk Islamic architecture with its altar, courtyard, the monumental door opening to the west, tile mosaics and motifs. Also, one of the original minarets can still be seen standing at the entrance of the mosque. There are some original headstones laying around the garden with their iconic calligraphies and decorations. Isa Bey Mosque can be visited by any person coming from any background or religion. Proper dressing is needed. If you think you are not dressed well enough, they provide free of charge covers on the entrance. They also provide free of charge headscarf so you don’t need to bring one with you.

I try to add Isa Bey Mosque into my tours since many of my guests had never been into a mosque before. I hope we will have enough time to see this simple but eye-catching mosque together. You can contact me to ask me more about Isa Bey Mosque. Also if you want you can book a tour or hire a private tour guide to Isa Bey Mosque, you can write to me. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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