Milestones in Ephesus

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Mile Stones in Ephesus
Mile Stone in Ephesus

Like today’s mileage signs, milestones in Ephesus were erected on roads and used to show the distance between cities in the ancient times. Milestones made of marble are very few in Ephesus and local stone is generally used.

Unit of Measurements on Milestones

The unit of measurement as seen in the Ephesian milestones was the Stadia. While the measurement unit between two Milestones was “Stadia (185 meters)” in the Hellenistic period, it was “milla passuum (1000 foot)” in the Roman period.

Writings on Milestones

The first Roman milestones were made during the Republic period. The letters were painted in red for good readability. The name of the current Roman emperor was carved on all the milestones. When the emperor died and a new one came, his name was erased and replaced with the new one. Some Milestones in Ephesus have survived to the present day, the stones can be seen both in Ephesus Ancient City and in the Ephesus Museum.

Red Painted Milestone in Ephesus, Turkey

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Milestones in Ephesus can be seen on the lower entrance of Ephesus Ancient City. You can contact me to get your professional Turkish licensed tour guide in Ephesus to learn more. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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