Jewelry Made of Human Teeth in Catalhoyuk

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Jewelry Made of Human Teeth Found In Catalhoyuk, Dating 9,000 Years!

Jewelry pieces made of human teeth were found for the first time in Çatalhöyük, known as one of the oldest settlements in the world.

Jewelry Made of Human Teeth in Catalhoyuk
Jewelry Made of Human Teeth in Catalhoyuk

Researchers found human teeth that seem to be used as jewelry in Çatalhöyük, a Stone Age settlement where excavations are still going on. It was recorded that the molars in Çatalhöyük, which was settled between 7,500 and 5,900 and known as one of the first settlements in the world, were deliberately modified and holes were made on it to put on probably leather strings.

Experts believe that these teeth belonged to elderly people and probably the teeth were treated after death. They also stated that it was proven that these holes were opened deliberately, and that the slippery shine around the teeth might have been caused by contact with people’s skin and / or clothes.

Curtis Smith

Lecturer in University of Missouri, Columbia, MO Turkey Expert and Archeology Enthusiast

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