The Most Used Turkish Idioms in Daily Life

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Don’t Be A Stranger: The Most Used Turkish Idioms in Daily Life

Turkish is a very rich language in terms of idioms and proverbs. Turkish people also use these idioms frequently in daily life. Therefore, in Turkey, some amazing idioms can be heard in the streets, on buses, in cafés.

Turkish people behave warmly towards foreign nationals and try to teach them Turkish idioms and words in a friendly manner. I can easily tell you this from my own experiences 😄. In other words, many statements for the period you learn to live in Turkey already. However, in this article, I will include some common idioms and expressions in Turkish, and I will make your job a little easier.

The Most Used Turkish Idioms in Daily Life
The Most Used Turkish Idioms in Daily Life

Best Wishes – Hayırlı Olsun

The phrase “Best Wishes” can be explained as congratulating the heroes of the event after an event and hoping that this event will bring good results.

People who buy a new house, get a job, buy a new item are called “Best Wishes”, it is hoped that this new development will bring good results.

Good Works – Hayırlı İşler

Usually after shopping somewhere, the shop owner is called “Good Works”. Good deeds mean to wish the shopkeeper a lot of profit and customers.

Also, after entering the shop and saying hello, “Good Works” can be said.

Easy Come – Kolay Gelsin

The phrase “Easy Come” is said when someone sees another person who is doing any job. It expresses the wish of the work done won’t tire the person, and it means hoping that the job will be completed easily. It is a nice gesture to tell a student who is studying hard, a gardener pruning a tree, a person carrying a heavy burden, “Easy Come”. The other person will be pleased when you say such a word.

Enjoy Your Meal – Afiyet Olsun

One can say “Afiyet Olsun” before or after a meal. This phrase means to hope that the food will be nourishing to the person who eats it. For example, the waiter in the restaurant will say “Afiyet Olsun” after bringing your food or before coming and clearing the table. If a mutual exchange of goodwill is made by thanking the person saying Afiyet Olsun, a friendly atmosphere is created

Get Health – Sağlık Olsun

The phrase “get health” is often used to look at a negative situation from a positive perspective.

For example, a person who does not get the grade he wants despite working hard for an exam says “get health”. In other words, if the person did not achieve the desired success despite doing his / her best, he / she uses the expression “get health”. As long as the health of the person is in good state, everything is compensated in life, but when health deteriorates, nothing matters.

Have Health – Sıhhatler Olsun

Much like the phrase “Get Health”, “Have Health” is often said to men who have shaved hair and beard.

Get Well Soon – Geçmiş Olsun

People who have experienced a bad event are called “Geçmiş Olsun” after this certain event. This phrase is used for showing gratitude that the event did not lead to greater and worse consequences.

A person who had a minor traffic accident, a person who fell from a ladder and had a broken leg, a person interviewed after a long journey is called “get well soon”.

It Is On Me – Ben Ismarlıyorum

Turkish people are very hospitable. You often hear the words “Ben Ismarlıyorum” from Turkish people who love to buy food and drinks for their guests.

Don’t be surprised if you hear the phrase ”Your money is not valid here”. Of course your money is valid, but the person who does not want you to spend money in that place wants to pay the entire bill himself. Therefore, if you hear such a statement from your Turkish friends, you know that you are valued and loved.

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