Turkish Dish Suggestions for Newcomers in Turkey

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If You Have Difficulty Getting Used To Turkish Food, These Are For You! Turkish Dish Suggestions for Newcomers in Turkey

Turkish Dish Suggestions for Newcomers in Turkey
Turkish Dish Suggestions for Newcomers in Turkey

Turkish cuisine is one of the most well known cuisines in the world with its centuries-old history and tastes suitable for everyone. Turkish food creates many varieties of appetizers, hot starters, main dishes, desserts and snacks.

It may take some time for people to get used to the food in the countries they have just visited. Turkey is located on the passageway of three continents and experiences many cultures together. Turkish food culture also shows diversity and is a synthesis of Eastern cuisine and Western cuisine.

One of the World’s Richest Culinary Treasures: Turkey

Manti – Turkish Ravioli

Turkey spreads across regions and cultural differences who differ in eating and drinking habits. Each region has its own food culture. This culture is generally shaped according to the economic resources of the region and the abundance of products. For example, fish based dishes in the Black Sea region of Turkey is extremely flourishing, vegetable dishes on the Mediterranean coast, in the east meat dishes are famous.

It should be noted that Turkish culinary culture consists of dishes that appeal to every palate. However, it can be difficult to get used to the culinary culture in Turkey for many foreigners. In order to get used to Turkish food, it is necessary to choose lighter and world cuisine dishes rather than local flavors and especially street food.

Local Flavors and Cooking Techniques Create Different Tastes

If we give an example from Black Sea cuisine; Black Sea cuisine contains flavors based on fish, especially anchovy. Anchovy is an extremely tasty, satisfying and healthy protein source. However, Black Sea people cook all kinds of anchovy dishes and eat it with pleasure.

Cooking anchovy in the form of frying, steaming or frying anchovies not only with dishes specific to Black Sea cuisine such as pilaf with anchovy, pie with anchovy or anchovy jam will contribute positively to eating habits.

Rice wih Anchovy – Hamsi Pilavi

In other words, after choosing the simplest and most suitable flavors of Turkish food, you can try the dishes cooked with different techniques and thus you can meet different tastes and accelerate your adaptation to the Turkish dishes.

Meat Dishes Are Commonly Consumed in Turkey

Turkey is known for its skewer to many people. Shish kebab, maybe the most well-known Turkish dish in the world, can be prepared in many ways. If you love to eat meat and like veal and lamb, you will not have a problem used to Turkish kebabs. However, for those who try it for the first time, it would be more appropriate to prefer plain kebabs. Later, hot kebabs, vegetable kebabs, and kebabs prepared with different cooking methods can be tried.

Bursa Iskender Kebab

Desserts also occupy an important place in Turkey’s food culture. Desserts that are preferred after the main courses and prepared in many styles. Turkish desserts are divided into groups as sherbet desserts, dough desserts and milk desserts. If you are not good with dessert, it would be better to start with milk desserts. Other desserts are very heavy in calories and it will be correct not to consume too much.

You Will Inevitably Get Used To Turkish Desserts Due to Their Delicious Flavors

Turks always consume a drink while eating. These drinks, which will vary according to the type of meals, are primarily drinks such as ayran, turnip juice, tea, soda and cola. You can add different flavors to the meals by choosing these drinks that facilitate the digestion and increase the flavor of the food.


You can find almost all the world flavors and local delicacies of Turkey at many restaurants. Especially in meat and meat products, all preparations are made according to Islamic rules which makes Turkish meat kosher too.

I love Turkey and maybe one of the main reasons for this love is Turkish cuisine coming second to my wonderful husband 😄. I hope you will like what you taste in Turkey. Love, Lizzie.

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I started my life back in Maine but destiny took me to Istanbul. I have been living in this amazing city for the last 7 years. Exploring Istanbul is a quest which has been keeping me busy and I hope you will like my articles on Istanbul and more. Elizabeth Hensley

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