Introduction into Seven Churches of Revelation

I especially named this article ”Introduction into Seven Churches of Revelation” because there are and will be many more articles detailing the subject of Seven Churches in Asia Minor. Please enjoy the article below and more on my website.

Faith has been a strong motivator throughout history. Anatolia has hosted many civilizations from the past to the present day. Thanks to his respect and tolerance for different civilizations, many civilizations have left valuable historical and cultural monuments in Anatolia. Religious structures, rituals, festivals, and ceremonial events have a serious diversity in Anatolia even today. The existence of many early Christian era monuments and churches is a strong proof of Anatolia’s tolerance for new religions.

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Anatolia is a unique geography with both Judaism temples and Christian temples. Although Christianity, which has billions of believers all over the world today and was born in the Palestinian Territories but it is Anatolia where it grew and developed. Many places in Turkey having names mentioned in the Bible can be visited. Some of these holy places are the Seven Churches in Revelation which are mentioned in the last chapter of the Bible. The revelation section relates to the apocalypse. This section describes the end of the world with depictions, symbols, and definitions. It is thought that these abstract explanations, which are difficult to understand today, are a style of expression that can be understood by the believers of the biblical times. Seven Churches in the Revelation are located in the Aegean Region of Turkey today. These churches are popular Christian touring spots in Turkey today. Lots of believers come to Turkey solely to visit them. Also guests who take tours of holy Jerusalem stop in Turkey on their way back and visit Seven Churches of Apocalypse. As a tour guide, I am proud to take hundreds of Christians on Seven Churches tours every year.

On the third day after Jesus was crucified, he rose from death, appeared to the apostles, and asked them to spread his message to all nations. Then he was raised to the sky next to God. Aegean Region of Turkey today was referred by the name ‘’Asia Minor’’. Saint John the Evangelist was commissioned for the Asian Province and he came where he created Seven Churches. Saint John is one of the twelve companions and disciples Jesus Christ. The Bible mentions him as the writer, the Divine, the Theologian. Jesus has tasked him with spreading beliefs. It is believed that revelations of Saint John the evangelist were written on the island of Patmos while he was exiled. There are many prophecies in this book claiming believers will triumph over those who deny religion and God will overcome evil in the world. Jesus will embrace all humanity in the Apocalypse, and that there are many future predictions.

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The first chapters of the Book of Revelation consisting of letters written to the Seven Churches. These letters refer to the first Seven communities who lived in the Asian Province during the Roman Period and adopted the Christian religion and teachings. Each letter dealt with a different subject and made warnings to people of that period, sometimes at counsel, sometimes in reproach.

List of Seven Churches of Revelation in Asia Minor

  • Ephesus (Today Selcuk – Izmir)
  • Smyrna (Today Izmir)
  • Pergamon (Bergama – Izmir)
  • Sardes (Salihli – Manisa)
  • Philadelphia (Alaşehir – Manisa)
  • Laodikeia (Denizli)
  • Thyateira (Akhisar – Manisa)

I will be sharing my expertise and knowledge on Seven Churches of Revelation on the upcoming articles. If you wish to learn more about Seven Churches, you can write to me. Also if you need to book a tour or a private licensed tour guide for Seven Churches of Revelation you can always contact me too. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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