15 Questions And 15 Answers For Visitors To Ephesus

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What is the significance of the Fountain of Trajan in Ephesus, and how does it relate to Roman architecture?

The fountain of Trajan has several distinctive elements, such as a semicircular pool, a central circular structure, and an elaborate facade decorated with reliefs depicting various scenes from mythology and daily life. The fountain was also used for practical purposes, such as providing fresh water to the inhabitants of Ephesus

What is the story behind the Temple of Domitian in Ephesus, and what can visitors expect to see there?

Domitian was one of the crazy emperors of the Roman Empire. He had his massive temple and statue erected in Ephesus. Later, he was declared as an unwanted person and killed by his bodyguards. Later, his temple in Ephesus was converted.

What is the history and significance of the Cave of the Seven Sleepers in Ephesus, and where can visitors find it?

Cave of Seven Sleepers in Ephesus is considered as a holy place for both Muslims and Christians. It is believed that seven boys of early Christians or Muslims were prosecuted by the local rulers of Ephesus because of their religion, and these seven boys were jailed in this cave. Fallowing the sealing the gate of the cave, boys slept for hundreds of years till the whole Ephesus became Christian or Muslim.

Can visitors see any ancient Greek theaters in Ephesus, and what can they expect to see?

The grand theater of Ephesus started its life as a Greek theater and later transformed into a Roman theater. Today there is no Greek theater in Ephesus as how it should be in an original Greek theater form.

Can visitors see any ancient Christian ruins in Ephesus, and what is their history?

There are lots of Christian symbols such as crosses all around Ephesus. The church of Virgin Mary is the biggest Christian attraction in Ephesus ancient city’s borders. The house of Virgin Mary and the Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist are two of the major Christian attractions nearby Ephesus.

Are there any tours or activities available in Ephesus for families with children, and what are some child-friendly attractions?

There are no children oriented activities in Ephesus, but an Ephesus tour can be made fun and attractive for the children if the tour guide chooses subjects which are interesting for the kids.

What are the must-see attractions in Ephesus?

Top must-see attractions in Ephesus are Library of Celsus, Grand Theater, Terrace Houses.

Do you need to buy tickets in advance to visit Ephesus?

You can buy tickets on the entrance of Ephesus before your tour in Ephesus.

Is Ephesus accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Ephesus is accessible for visitors with disabilities. You can bring your own mobility vehicle or rent a wheelchair on the entrance of Ephesus.

How was the city of Ephesus destroyed?

Ephesus Ancient City was destroyed due to shifting of the coastline and several big earthquakes.

What should I wear when visiting Ephesus Ancient City?

I recommend wearing comfortable, breathable clothing and sturdy footwear, as the site is large and requires a fair amount of walking. The same applies for the winter time too. Additionally, it is respectful to cover shoulders and knees when visiting religious sites such as the Basilica of St. John and the house of Virgin Mary.

How physically difficult are Ephesus tours?

Ephesus tours are easy to make compared to several other ancient sites around the Mediterranean. Ephesus Ancient City is built on a hillside, and you can start your tour on the high end of the hill. Later you will be going down the hill and see the attractions along the marble streets of Ephesus.

Which letter did Apostle Paul write while he was in Ephesus?

Apostle Paul wrote the letter to the Corinthians while he was in Ephesus.

Is it safe to visit Ephesus?

So far, no criminal activity or assault happened in Ephesus. Ephesus today is located on the most western part of Turkey and close to Greek islands. Ancient City of Ephesus is very well protected and very professionally guarded.

When did the excavation of Ephesus begin?

Excavations in Ephesus begun in 1869 by a British railroad engineer, John Turtle Wood.

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