Emperor Trajan

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Emperor Trajan ruled the Roman Empire from the year 98 to 117. Trajan was born in Italica which is modern Spain’s Santiponce town. He became the high general of the emperor Domitian. After the demise of Domitian his successor became Nerva. Nerva having no heir choose Trajan as his adopted son. Following this a revolt took down Nerva and replaced him with the popular Trajan.

Emperor Trajan

Trajan successfully completed the military campaign against the Parthian Empire. The Roman province of Mesopotamia and Roman Armenia was annexed thanks to his efforts.

A great temple dedicated to Emperor Trajan can be seen in Pergamon today. Trajan was known as a virtuous and just emperor. He was a true pagan believer but also he did not like to prosecute Christians. He gave orders to protect Christians against anonymous claims against them.

Emperor Trajan passed away in Selinus of Roman Cilicia, today Gazipasa of Antalya, in the year 117.

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