All Civilizations Lived in Anatolia

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Cybele Statue in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara

There are many civilizations that ruled in Anatolia from prehistoric times to antiquity and from there to the present. All civilizations lived in Anatolia left traces and artifacts on this land.

Unfortunately, during our tours we mostly talk about major Anatolian civilizations. However, in the great history of Anatolia, tens of kingdoms, principalities, city-states and civilizations ruled and left their mark in this geography, apart from these great states and civilizations.

I created the list of All ”Civilizations Lived in Anatolia” for you to pay respect to all these forgotten people of Anatolia.

  • Gaspa Civilization: Black Sea region, lived between 4000-3000 BC.
  • Akkadian Empire: southeast Anatolia, lived between 3000-2100 BC.
  • Luvian: Central and East Anatolia, lived between 2300-1400.
  • Hittites: Central Anatolia, lived between 2000-1200 BC.
  • Arzawa Kingdom: Western Anatolia Lakes region, lived between 2000-1300 BC.
  • Assyrians: Southeast Anatolia lived between 2000-600 BC.
  • Kammanu Kingdom, Cukurova – Adana Region, lived between 2000 BC.
Gobeklitepe Excavation Area
  • Kussara Kingdom, Sivas Region, lived between 1800 BC.
  • Hurrians: Southeast Anatolia, lived between 1700-1400 BC.
  • Kizzuvatna Kingdom: Cukurova – Adana region, lived between 1650-1450 BC.
  • Mitanni Kingdom: Southeast Anatolia, lived between 1500-1300 BC.
  • Assuwa Confederation: Western – Anatolia, lived between 1400-1200 BC.
  • Colchian Kingdom: Eastern Black Sea Region nearby Georgia, lived between1350-164 BC.
  • Kingdom of Mira: Western Anatolia – Lakes Region, lived between 1300-1200 BC.
  • Kingdom of Wilusa (Hittitian Troy): Troy – Canakkale today, lived 1200 BC.
  • Seha River Civilization: Central Turkey, lived in 1200 BC.
  • Kingdom of Isuwa: Southeast Anatolia, lived 1200 BC.
  • Luqqa Lands Kingdom: Southwest Anatolia, lived 1200 BC.
  • Carians Kingdom: lived 1200 BC.
Alacahoyuk, The first Layer of Excavations
  • Happala Kingdom: central-western Anatolia, lived 1200 BC.
  • Diauehi or Daiaeni Kingdom: northeast Anatolia, lived between 1200-800 BC.
  • Phrygian Kingdom, Western Turkey, lived between 1200-700 BC.
  • Ionian City States: Western Anatolia, lived between 12th century-7th century BC.
  • Tyana Kingdom: Konya region, lived between 1200-742 BC.
  • The Kingdom of Hilakku: Central Anatolia, lived in 11th century BC.
  • Kingdom of Pattin: Antioch Region, lived in 1000 BC.
  • Tabal Kingdom: Cappadocia, lived around 9th century BC.
Ancient Toys in Anatolia
  • Urartu State: Eastern Anatolia, lived between 850-590 BC.
  • Lydian Kingdom: Western Anatolia, lived between 700-550 BC.
  • Persian Empire: Anatolia, ruled between 550-330 BC.
  • Alexander the Great – Macedonian Empire: ruled Anatolia between 330-300 BC.
  • Seleucid Empire: Anatolia lived between 310-50 BC.
  • Antigonus Kingdom: Western Anatolia, lived between 306-168 BC.
  • Pontus Kingdom: Middle and Eastern Black Sea, lived between 300-50 BC.
  • The Kingdom of Bithynia: Bursa region and its surroundings, lived between 250-150 BC.
  • Pergamon Kingdom: Western Anatolia, lived between 250-130 BC.
Anatolia Today
  • Parthian Empire: East and Northeast Anatolia, lived between 250-220 BC.
  • Kingdom of Commagene: Southeast Anatolia, lived between 160 BC to 17 AD.
  • Roman Empire: Anatolia, lived between 25 BC to 330 AD.
  • Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman Empire: Anatolia, lived between 330-1453.
  • Kaysites Emirate: Malazgirt Region, lived between 860 – 964.
  • Seljuk Empire: Anatolia, lived between 1071-1142.
  • Anatolian Seljuk State: Anatolia, lived between 1077-1307.
  • Tzachas or Chaka Bey Principality: Izmir region, lived between 1080-1097.
  • Danishmendids: Sivas City and its surroundings, lived between 1080-1180.
  • House of Mengüjek: Erzincan area, lived between 1080-1228.
  • Principality of Antioch: Antakya, lived between 1098 – 1268.
  • Artuqids: Southeast Anatolia, lived between 1100-1410.
  • Latin Empire of Constantinople: Istanbul, lived between 1204 – 1261.
  • Karamanids: Konya, lived between 1250-1487.
Modern Turkey
  • Isfendiyarids State: West Black Sea, lived between 1292-1461
  • Ottoman Empire: Anatolia, lived between 1299-1922.
  • Germiyanids: Kütahya region, lived between 1302-1428.
  • Eretnid Dynasty: East of the Black Sea, lived in 14th century.
  • Aq Qoyunlu Principality: Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, lived between 1378-1508.
  • Karakoyunlu: Eastern Anatolia, lived between 1380 – 1469.
  • Safavid State: Eastern Anatolia – Iranian border, lived between 1501-1736.
  • Republic of Hatay: Hatay city, lived between 1938-1939.
  • Republic of Turkey: Anatolia, lived between 1923 – present day.

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