Balat, an Amazing District of Istanbul

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Balat, which has been able to preserve its historical texture in the heart of Istanbul, is a popular and cultural center because it is a culturally rich place. It is an area preferred by artists, painters, designers, journalists, academics, simply by the people who love history and culture.


The name Balat comes from the word “Palation” which means ‘’Palace’’. It has taken this name due to its proximity to Blaherna Palace (Tekfur Sarayı).

Balat is affiliated to Fatih town of Istanbul, located on the European Side of Istanbul. Balat lies between Ayvansaray and Fener on the shore of the Golden Horn.

Since Balat is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, there are centuries-old buildings and important historical buildings here. Historical buildings that you should see are; Fener Greek Patriarchate, Ferruh Kethüda Mosque, Agora Pub and more.

It is known as a center where Jewish Citizens of Turkey, especially Spanish Jews called “Sephardim” lived, throughout history. Apart from Jews, Greeks, Armenians and Turks also lived in Balat. The religious and cultural traces of these four separate groups living in the neighborhood appear as small examples of the Byzantine, Ottoman and Republican periods. It is possible to come across the churches, holy writings and schools of Orthodox Greeks in Balat.

Tour Guide for Balat, Istanbul

Balat is a very popular district of Istanbul. I love to visit this area for a cup of coffee if I have time in Istanbul. I will be happy to tour you in Balat and show you some hidden gems of Balat. You can contact me to learn more on Balat and attractions around balat or to book a tour guide for Balat. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

Hasan Gülday

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