COVID-19 News from Turkey between April and May 31st

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COVID-19 News from Turkey between April and May 31st

COVID-19 News from Turkey between April and May 31st

Update – 31.05.2020

Touristic hot spots in Turkey’s Aegean ready to open doors for ‘healthy tourism

Touristic hot spots and holiday resorts in Turkey’s Aegean region expect their first customers after halting business for a limited time due to the coronavirus outbreak. The measures to create a virus-free and “controlled” vacation have been completed as restrictions around the country have eased in tandem with declining inflection rates. The hotels, beaches and historical sites in the popular touristic destinations, Çeşme, Kuşadası and Didim in western Turkey’s Izmir and Aydın provinces are among the places ready to open to visitors again in line with coronavirus preventative measures.

Update – 30.05.2020

ANKARA (AA) – Turkey on Saturday announced the resumption of domestic flights as the country eases coronavirus restrictions and looks to restore normalcy. Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoglu said domestic flights will resume on June 1 as part of the normalization process after the months-long virus restrictions.

Update – 29.05.2020

BBC: Coronavirus: How Turkey took control of Covid-19 emergency Turkey fits in the category of several countries that responded fairly quickly with testing, tracing, isolation and movement restrictions,” he told the BBC. “It’s a fairly small club of countries that have been quite effective in reducing the viral spread.”

U.S. Ankara & Istanbul Embassy’s Latest Updates

Update – 26.05.2020

Coronavirus: Nature bounces back in Turkey under lockdown. The air quality in Turkish cities has improved since Covid-19 restrictions were imposed.

Update – 24.05.2020

Turkey turning coronavirus tide with huge contact tracing effort – BBC News

Update – 20.05.2020

Turkey expects to restart domestic tourism in late May and international tourism after mid-June, culture and tourism minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said.

Update – 17.05.2020

Turkey assures 70 countries of its tourism safety. Country’s tourism minister says Turkey acts responsibly in all processes for tourists over pandemic.

Update – 11.05.2020

Eased COVID-19 restrictions in Istanbul COVID-19 restrictions were eased in Istanbul, Turkey on May 13, 2020.

Update – 11.05.2020

Turkey unveils plan to revive tourism with health and hygiene certificates. The certificates, to hotels, restaurants, transport firms, and other facilities, will be granted by “international certification institutions” to mark “a high level of health and hygiene requirements”, Turkey’s ministry of tourism and culture announced.

Update – 10.05.2020

Ankara initiates phone diplomacy for tourism. Turkey is starting a phone diplomacy with about 70 countries to relaunch air traffic in a bid to bring tourists to the country starting from June, the culture and tourism ministers said on May 10.

Update – 09.05.2020

Numbers of COVID-19 cases in Turkey have been falling for 17 straight days.

Update – 08.05.2020

Turkey: Number of active COVID-19 cases below 50,000! 😀

Update – 05.05.2020

Turkish leaders announced the first steps for post-coronavirus normalization period. Travel restrictions will be first be lifted in cities, namely Antalya (Perge, Aspendos, The Red Tower, Alanya), Aydin (Ephesus), Erzurum, Hatay, Malatya, Mersin (Saint Paul’s Church), and Mugla (Bodrum). Hair salons and shopping malls will be reopened on May 11, while people over age 65 will be allowed to go outside for four hours a day.

Update – 04.05.2020

As President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan explained following the cabinet meeting. The normalization plan will be implemented spreading to May, June and July. The first plan for May announced within the scope of this plan will be implemented in accordance with the coronavirus measures.

This is the best news coming out of Turkey since March 11th, the day we had the first case in Turkey . Today the number of people recovered from COVID-19 exceed the number of people who is infected with corona! 😀

Update – 03.05.2020

Three days curfew is over in Turkey. Ministry of Health of Turkey says “The danger of the pandemic has not passed yet but the recovery rate is getting better and better.”

Update – 02.05.2020

Turkey dropped new daily cases below 2.000 people. The number of COVID-19 tests made exceed 1.1 million units.

Update – 29.04.2020

Today it is the third day we see a decline in COVID-19 related losses in Turkey. It seems like Turkey finally could flat the curve. Let’s pray for the ones passed away and let’s hope the best for the rest of the world.

The Latest updates and numbers about COVID-19 in Turkey

Update – 26.04.2020

Dolphins took over Istanbul’s Bosphorus during the lockdown.

Turkey sends more help to the USA and several other nations.

Update – 23.04.2020

Today Turkey death numbers started to drop! Good News 😀

Update – 17.04.2020 Recoveries from COVID-19 are encouraging.

107 years old patient leaves the hospital in Istanbul after COVID-19 treatment


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