Ephesus Grand Theater

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Ephesus Grand Theater is probably the second most famous artifact in Ephesus, Turkey fallowing the library of Celsus. Grand theater has a capacity of twenty-four thousand people. This capacity is based on the size and sitting style of the Ephesian who lived back in those days. When shows organized today, theater can hold up to three thousand people. Today concerts are very common in these kinds of venues but back then the main purpose of this theater was hosting plays.

Ephesus Grand Theater in Summer

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Most of the plays were tragedies and they were mainly targeting plebs who regular people of the Roman Empire who were subjected to state propaganda. Tickets were cheap for regular seats and any man, even a slave could afford to watch a show. The theater was the main entertainment for the people who lived back in ancient Ephesus. unfortunately, they did not let any women act so they only had actors on the stage, and if there is a role requiring a woman a man used to dress like a lady and act. Today Most of the original seating of Ephesus Ancient Theater can be seen and used. Some parts and the first floor of the scene building can be seen. This is the same theater mentioned in the Holy Bible where Apostle Paul used to preach to Ephesians. Apostle Paul faced the great uproar of Artemis cult mentioned in ”Acts 19:30” in Ephesus theater. I hope you will see this magnificent piece of history in Ephesus and feel the breeze coming from Arcadian street while thinking about how was life back in those days. See you in Ephesus soon, Hasan Gülday.

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