Tour Guide in Turkey for Covid-19 Free Itineraries

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Tour Guide in Turkey for Covid-19 Free Itineraries

I was expecting Covid-19 to be a memory of 2020 just like everyone. Unfortunately, It seems like a big part of the year 2021 will be occupied by the pandemic too.

I started to receive dozens of emails asking about the Covid-19 situation in Turkey and I even started a dedicated page on my website which gives Covid-19 updates in Turkey.

There was a decision to be made after seeing how many people want to come to Turkey but understandably worried about the current health crisis too. I ended up trying to find a solution and came up with a good idea.

Covid19 Safe tour in Turkey
Covid-19 Safe tour guide in Turkey

Last week there was a tourist group whom I served for several days in Turkey and these people had some understandable considerations about travelling around during the time of the pandemic. So what did we do about it? I and my driver had PCR tests the night before we started our tour last week. I organized all lunches and dinners for guests as take away. This action also helped us to have amazing dishes in the ancient sites and attractions around Turkey. Normally I even cannot imagine having a picnic in front of the Celsus Library of Ephesus or next to the Travertines of Hierapolis, but it was all possible because we were some few people visiting. My last guests also stayed in local Air BNB houses which minimized their interactions with other people.

Visit Izmir (Smyrna) with Licensed Tour Guide Hasan Gulday

Now it is an amazing time to visit Turkey since tourist numbers are lower than ever. You can enjoy the most famous attractions of Turkey without having to share them with thousands of people around you. Hagia Sophia, Ephesus, Cappadocia, and Seven Churches of Revelation are all waiting for you. Also, as you can think the costs of traveling are lower than ever and the best deals are waiting for you to be found.

Visit Library of Celsus with Ephesus Tour Guide Hasan Gulday

I especially recommend my guests who plan to visit Turkey to have a tour of faith in my country to use this chance as soon as possible. There was a common problem that we had during our religious tours in Turkey which was other tour groups. I am a tour guide who is specialized in Christian tours and especially in Tours to Seven Churches of the Revelation in Turkey. When my previous guests wanted some alone time to pray or enjoy being in the very same locations where Virgin Mary, Saint John the Evangelist, Apostle Paul, Saint Polycarp, and many other disciples had been, they were disturbed by tourists who are laud or simply trying to have photos. Sometimes it was impossible to have a group prayer in the Church of Laodicea or at the Grand Theater of Ephesus where Apostle Paul preached. Now all these attractions are empty and waiting for you!

Take a hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia with Hasan Gulday

Contact me to learn about Covid-19 free guiding and how to have a Covid-19 safe tour in Turkey. I will be happy to assist you to create Covid-19 isolated itineraries around Turkey. Turkey is always great, but now it is even better. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

Explore Turkey with licensed Turkish tour guide Hasan Gulday

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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