Weather in Istanbul and What to Wear in Istanbul

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Istanbul Weather in the Upcoming Days

Istanbul is famous for being a giant city with a population of over fifteen million people. Apart from being rich with its people and history, Istanbul is also very rich with its climate. Weather in Istanbul and What to Wear in Istanbul are the biggest questions before visiting this magnificent city. Lets dig in and find answers.

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What to wear in Istanbul?

There are many days in the city where you can start the day in Winter and finish it wearing a t-shirt by the Bosphorus having your fish. Seaside parts of the city tend to be more humid and windy. Considering you will spend most of your time in the golden horn area which is completely surrounded by the sea, you should have a well-thought dressing plan. I recommend my guests coming in Autumn and Spring, having multi-layered clothes in case there will be common temperature changes during the day. The best is having a shirt below a sweater and a jacket on top. A thin leather jacket will be enough in the autumn and springtime. But I strongly recommend tick clothing especially if you are visiting Istanbul in the mid-winter time. Also please do not forget summer temperatures in Istanbul can reach 30 Celsius and more degrees so thin linen clothes and shorts are recommended. You can always contact me If you have any further questions on Istanbul weather and how to pack for Istanbul tours. See you soon in a lukewarm Istanbul day, Hasan Gülday.

Weather in Istanbul and What to Wear in Istanbul
Snow over Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

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Weather in Istanbul

I believe the best times to visit Istanbul should be from March to May and also between September and November. Since there is not so much rainfall and the temperatures are manageable. Please keep it in mind temperature in Istanbul is averagely above 30-celsius degrees from June to Septemeber. Small cruise tours and city center attractions tours are manageable but I don’t recommend walking tours. The coldest month is January and there is often snow in the city center. Snow doesn’t become a big nuisance since snow plower trucks make a great job.

You can always contact your professional licensed Turkish tour guide to learn more about the weather in Istanbul. There are many more tips and information I can provide for you. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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