Arcadian Road of Ephesus

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Arcadian Street of Ephesus or Arcadian Road of Ephesus, which stretches from the theater to the port, connects the port gate to the center of Ephesus. Theater Gymnasium and Harbor Baths are located on this route. Visitors to Ephesus who came by the sea used to use Arcadian Street, which is surrounded by giant columns on the right and left, to enter Ephesus. Arcadian Street, also known as Ephesus Harbor Street or Arcadian Way, was a magnificent street that was 11 meters wide and 350 meters long.

Arcadian Road of Ephesus
Arcadian Road of Ephesus

The marble columns on both sides of the street have survived to the present day and are still preserved in good condition where they were. It was revealed that there was sewage extending to the harbor under Arcadian Street, which was completely covered with marble, which kept the smell inside the tunnels.

Ephesus Harbor Street is also known as King’s Road since it was restored by the Emperor and some of the greatest royal family members such as Cleopatra used Arcadian Way to enter into Ephesus. The royal road overlooks the Great Theatre, which was built on the skirts of Panayır Mountain. Thus, the theater, which is one of the biggest and most important structures of the city, will be seen from afar by visitors entering the port by ship.

When the ancient sailors left their ships and started to walk into Ephesus Ancient City, Ephesus Grand Theater which was located by the end of the Harbor Street of Ephesus used to welcome them.

The street, which was used to visit the Ephesus Ruins and stretched from the port to the theater, was originally built in the Hellenistic Period but was renamed Arcadian because it was repaired by the Emperor Arcadian during the Roman era of Ephesus Ancient City.

Since Ephesus is one of the most significant port cities of the Roman Empire, it was such a significant street where all goods and wealth flowed. It was also revealed during the excavations that important shows and religious ceremonies were held in Ephesus Port Street, a.k.a. Arcadian Street, which opens to the port with a magnificent gate.

Arcadian Street of Ephesus Seen From The Grand Theater Of Ephesus

You can see Arcadian Street or Harbor Street at the end of your walk through Ephesus Ancient City. Come and see Arcadian Street with me and enjoy the cold breeze coming from the area where the port of Ephesus used to be. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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