12 Insects Seen Around Ephesus Ancient City

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Ephesus Ancient is located in the Aegean Region of modern Turkey. West coast of Turkey is one of the most fertile and water-rich parts of the country. Ephesus Ancient City is a settlement-free zone that still hosts wildlife and lots of insects. Thanks to human effect for the last thousands of years, nearly all dangerous and venomous insects are long extinct. I will mention 12 Insects Seen Around Ephesus Ancient City.

Ladybug in Ephesus

Ladybug in Ephesus

I love ladybugs in the summertime. We believe in Turkey that ladybugs will bring good luck to people who touch them. Don’t be surprised to see people holding them.

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European Rhinoceros Beetle

I have seen this bug only twice in all these years that I have been to Ephesus. I hope we will have better luck on your tour.


Cicadas are like the background music of Ephesus in the summertime. They nest inside pine trees and sing for us all around the summertime

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Few hornet nests can be seen in Ephesus. They mostly live around the less-visited parts of the Ephesus since they prefer silence.


Scorpions in Ephesus belong to a subspecies of the scorpion family which doesn’t carry dangerous venom against the humans. They are very hard to find since they are night hunters.


Snails are hard to come by in the summertime since they like wet soil and wet grass. You will see literally thousands of them if you visit Ephesus after a rainy autumn day. By the way do you know some of us like to eat them in Turkey?

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis is easy to find in Ephesus. They are fun to watch especially if you have kids.

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Honey Bee

Our lovely honey bees in Ephesus are harmless and they make some of the best honey you can ever taste. You would love a plate of cold yogurt with honey on it on a hot summer day in Ephesus Ancient City.


Grasshoppers are seasonal insects in Ephesus. You can find them at the end of the summer. They are harmlessly jumping around.


There are tens of different butterflies in Ephesus. You can see them nearly all year around in all different colors in Ephesus Ancient City

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Don’t forget Ephesus is located nearby a swamp. Some swamp or river bugs like dragonflies can be seen in the western parts of Ephesus. Especially nearby the Double Church of the Virgin Mary.


We have some of the tastiest strawberries and oranges in the Ephesus area, if you can some of them from the firebug. This bug is harmless to humans but a common pest damaging the crops.


Ephesus offers more than some ruins when it comes to wild life. You can always contact me if you wish to learn more on Ephesus ancient city in Turkey. You can hire a professional licensed Turkish tour guide by contacting me. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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