Manisa City of Princes

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Manisa is the ‘City of Princes’, where the sultans, who were the sons of the Ottoman emperor, spent their princely period. Manisa is an important historical and cultural center with its synagogues, ancient cities, and other historical remains, where three of the seven holy churches of Christianity are located, the Muradiye Mosque, the only work of the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan in the Aegean Region. The population of Manisa is approximately one and a half million people.

Manisa City of Princes
Manisa City of Princes

The history of Manisa, a city that has been prosperous enough to attract the attention of almost every great civilization throughout history, dates back to the Paleolithic Age. Manisa and surrounding regions are known as the Lydian region. There are more than twenty ancient cities in the region, including the famous Sard or better known as Sardis. In the Ottoman Empire era, Manisa Sanjak (Province) was the first place of duty for the future sultans. The princes were held responsible for the administration of the Manisa region and developed their administrative skills during their time here.

Muradiye Mosque of Manisa City

With the effect of the fertile lands of the Gediz Plain, Manisa is one of the first three provinces in agricultural production. The industry is an important source of income in Manisa too, which has been operating in weaving, food, leather, and agriculture for centuries. Manisa was chosen as the most suitable investment city in the world by the Financial Times in the 2000s.

Smyrna, Ephesus, Laodicea, Pergamon, Sardis, Philadephia, Thyateira Churches are known as the 7 churches Revelation in the Holy Bible. 3 of the 7 churches of Revelation in Christianity are in Manisa; Sardis, Philadelphia, Thyateira.

Philadelphia Church of Seven Churches from Revelation

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