Miracles at the House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus

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People of all nations and religions visit the House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus. I love how Muslims, Christians and people of all world stand together in this house. There are several miracles known to be related to the house. Let’s have a look at Miracles at the House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus.

Miracles at the House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus
Miracles at the House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus
  • Maybe the first known miracle is the story telling us how was the House of Virgin Mary found. German nun named Anne Catherine Emmerich had fever and started to see visions. She told what she saw to Clemens von Brentano who was an author. Clemens von Brentano wrote down all her visions and noted about the house which hosted Virgin Mary. French abbot, Father Julien Gouyet read this book in the 1880s and found the House of Virgin Mary thanks to miraculous visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich who was later beatified.
  • A fire place was discovered under the ruins of the House of Virgin Mary in the early 1900s. Nuns who collected leftover ashes from this hearth started to apply them on the sick people. A Bulgarian Catholic woman brought his son to a hospital in Thessaloniki, which was a part of Ottoman Empire then, for treatment. Doctors decided to try these ashes after all their healing attempts were failed. Boy was healed after ashes were applied as it stated and confirmed by the doctors.
  • A local Muslim woman who was a teacher came to the House of Virgin Mary on 22nd of May 1960. She had a baby who was crippled. Women washed her baby with holy water from the shrine next to the house and soon the baby started to walk normally. This miracle was reported in Turkish Life magazine in 1962.
A Turkish Man at the House of Virgin Mary in 1962
  • An American woman pilgrim at the House of Mary in Ephesus had a vision during her visit in 1959. She had a conversation with the Virgin Mary and decided to build a house in Vermont which would be the exact replica of the one in Ephesus.
  • A massive fire destroyed 1,200 hectares of forest nearby Ephesus in 2006. Fire reached the outer walls of the House of Virgin Mary and surrounded the house on three sides. Even a burning tree fell on the roof of the house. But somehow fire stopped at one-meter distance to the house while obliterating everything nearby.
  • There are reports of healed leukemia patients and crippled Irish people living in Kusadasi. They claim feeling cold like being in a freezer before they got healing in the House of Virgin Mary.

Hasan’s comment: I believe the biggest miracle ever happened in the House of Virgin Mary is the peace people feel in themselves after visiting this house. I don’t just witness this miracle, I also lived this feeling myself more than many times that I can not count.

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I would be honored to be your company while visiting the House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus. Contact me to learn more about Virgin Mary’s time and legacy in Ephesus. Also, you can hire a professional licensed English speaking Turkish tour guide in Ephesus. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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