Septimius Severus

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Septimius Severus
Septimius Severus

Emperor Septimius Severus was born in Leptis Magna. Leptis Magna was once part of the Carthaginian Empire and then became a city of Roman Libya. Septimius Severus ruled between the years 193 and 211. He could become the emperor after defeating Roman general Niger in 194 at Cilicia.

Septimius Severus was a supporter of syncretism, and he tried to unite all his people into a mixed religion. He went on persecution of Christians just like the previous emperors. As we know he approved state laws letting local authorities to execute Christians who disobey the rule of offering sacrifices to the emperor cult.

The Roman Empire reached its greatest borders under the reign of Septimius Severus. He died during his military campaign against Caledonians in 211 leaving power into the hands of Caracalla and Geta.

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